Strong/MDI, Poliview, Strongview Vista

Strong/MDI Expands Motorized Screen Line with Poliview Tab-Tensioned, Strongview Vista Screens

Strong/MDI has added two products to its motorized screen line — the Poliview Tab-Tension Series and the Strongview Vista, each with premium tensioning systems.

Drunk Unkles, InfoComm 2018, NSCA Volunteers of the Year

Drunk Unkles to Celebrate NSCA Volunteers of the Year Award at InfoComm 2018 Charity Concert

Drunk Unkles have raised more than $1 million for NSCA programs including IGNITE and PASS K-12 since first show 16 years ago.

Insight Laser 8K, 8K projector, Digital Projection

Analog Way Provides 8K Projector Solution for Digital Projection at NAB 2018

Analog Way INSIGHT LASER 8K projector reflects latest partnership with DPI that includes Times Square display at the NFL Experience.

Lighthouse Dynamic Series, Direct View LED

Alan Brawn Introduces Lighthouse Direct View LED Displays for Digital Signage

Lighthouse Dynamic Series Direct View LED displays coming to Stampede Big Book of AV Tour stops, demos at DSE and NAB and at InfoComm 2018.

AV experiences, BLC 2018, Experiences, AV business, AV Industry

‘Pro AV Experiences’ are the Future (Not a Scary Concept Or Another AV Industry Buzzword)

The shift from technical expertise to giving customers pro AV experiences they understand is tough for some to embrace, but it’s important that they do.

Week 3 Survey graph

Integrated Systems Europe Becoming Platform for New Product Release

About 80 percent of respondents in weekly CI survey say production cycles have been altered to ensure new releases can be shown first in February.

Human Uber, telepresence systems, ISE 2018, ChameleonMask, telepresence robots

‘Human Uber’ & Other Telepresence Systems Could Mean Even More Time at the Ballgame for Me This Summer

ChameleonMask, nicknamed the Human Uber, could help people avoid schedule conflicts by sending surrogate telepresence systems with an iPad for a face.

TASCAM, CD-400U, media player

TASCAM CD-400U Media Player Hits Mark for Audio Professionals

TASCAM CD-400U media player combines slot-loading CD player, AM/FM tuner, stereo SD recorder and Bluetooth wireless and USB connectivity.

AV industry, Stiernberg Consulting, John Stiernberg, AV Industry Consultant

John Stiernberg, Respected AV Industry Consultant, Dies at 66

John Stiernberg, AV industry consultant and co-founder of Stiernberg Consulting, died on November 11, 2017, after a cancer battle.

Technology at SXSW, Sonic Surf VR, VR, AV integration, Total Tech Summit

Which ‘Fresh Horses’ Will You Ride to Profit Growth in 2018 and Beyond?

From IoT to AI to VR, Total Tech Summit panelists show there’s no shortage of opportunities for integrators to thrive in AV integration.