Patrick Whipkey, USAV Group

New USAV Group Director Patrick Whipkey Needed a New Challenge: Back Stage

Patrick Whipkey sees plenty of potential for buying and integration services arm of USAV Group to add even more value — and even more members.

Diversified AV, Live! Technologies, Diversified

Live! Technologies Increases Its Reach with Acquisition of Iacono Productions

Addition of Iacono Productions to Live! Technologies family makes NSCA and USAV Group member the largest AV production company in the region.

Chris Salazar-Mangrum, USAV

Chris Salazar-Mangrum of USAV Sizes Up Cybersecurity and Says It’s a Boon for Pro AV

Cybersecurity jobs among ways security and AV integrators can partner as part of combined association, according to Chris Salazar-Mangrum of USAV.

USAV Group, KC Schwarz, pro AV

Recently Retired: KC Schwarz Looks Back on His Time at USAV and Says Pro AV Should Set High Standards

Now-retired USAV Group CEO K.C. Schwarz was skeptical about need for Pro AV groups like the one he led, but their value quickly became evident.

USAV Group, KC Schwarz, pro AV

K.C. Schwarz Leaves Impressive Legacy As He Retires from USAV Group

USAV Group moves into the future without K.C. Schwarz but members and former colleagues will never forget what he did for them. Neither will I.

Stewart Filmscreen, USAV, Preferred Manufacturer Partner

Stewart Filmscreen Joins USAV Group As Preferred Manufacturer Partner

Stewart Filmscreen brings tiered pricing, training,16K+ capable screen materials and seamless large-format screen sizes to pro AV consortium.

TEC Presented by PSA, security pros

7 Reasons TEC Presented by PSA Is for All Integrators, Not Just Security Pros

Here are seven explanations that should quash any perception that TEC Presented by PSA is just for security pros. It’s for AV and IT integrators, too.

Business & Leadership Conference, NSCA

Early Bird Deadline Looms for NSCA Business & Leadership Conference

With the December 15 early bird deadline looming for 20th annual NSCA’s Business & Leadership Conference, act quickly to save $400 on registration.

Veterans in AV, jobs in security, AV industry

Opportunities Abound for Military Veterans in AV industry, IT and Security

AVIXA, CompTIA and PSA partner with agencies that help military vets train to find jobs in security, IT, and the AV industry.


Are You a Manager Or a Leader?

If you don’t know the difference between management and leadership, you’re part of a major problem that’s only going to get even worse.