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API API integration CMS Digital Signage
Videowalls with multimedia images and digital signage content on different LCD screens.

Game-Changing APIs for Enterprise Digital Signage

22Miles' Tomer Mann provides a comprehensive guide to today’s most in-demand digital signage API integrations.

Insights December 1
API developer partnership Q-SYS Systems
Control Concepts Inc and Q-SYS logos.

Control Concepts, Inc. Joins Q-SYS Developer Partner Program

Control Concepts, Inc. has joined Q-SYS Developer Partner Program to help accelerate plugin and API development.

News February 1
API building operations IoT Residential video streaming
inside the lobby at Real Condominium Association in Atlanta utilizing TK Elevator and Loupe visual content streaming platform

TK Elevator & Loupe Elevate the Lobby Experience with Art and Technology

TK Elevator and Loupe teamed up to expand infotainment offerings designed to enhance the tenant experience through an…

Projects January 5
Cell Signal Boosters cellphone boosters Wilson Electronics
girl with curly hair using phone. Close-up

The Key to ‘Boosting’ Cell Communications’ Reliability

Cellular Outlet relies on Wilson Electronics and the weBoost Office 200 to deliver dramatic cell signal and connectivity…

Sponsored June 17
API camera tracking Microphone Mist technology PTZ Cameras
Person using the Nureva Microphone Mist technology

Nureva Audio API Supports Third-Party Camera Tracking

Nureva's Microphone Mist technology audio API now supports third-party camera tracking with sound location data.

News September 13
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