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acoustic system AtlasIED Atmosphere Audio Components audio design
View of Captain Anderson's restaurant at night.

AtlasIED Reels in Quality Audio for Captain Anderson’s Restaurant

Captain Anderson’s Restaurant and Waterfront Market in Florida installed the AtlasIED Atmosphere system to draw in guests with…

Projects February 10
acoustic performance Acoustical Treatments audio design Church
Bose speakers provided by Whitaker Technologies hang from ceiling in room with blue accent chairs.

Bose & Whitaker Technologies Elevate Community Experience at Connect Church

Whitaker Technologies incorporated Bose Professional AMM Multipurpose loudspeakers to provide versatility and performance for a modern worship style.

Projects April 13
audio design Dante live production puppet play
Puppet of Boxer from Animal Farm on stage equipped with d&b Soundscape.

Puppet Production of ‘Animal Farm’ Comes Alive With d&b Soundscape

A U.K. puppet production of George Orwell's 'Animal Farm' used d&b Soundscape to create a captivating sound experience…

Projects February 16
B2B Marketing Exchange
B2B Marketing Exchange East