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audio loudspeakers Genelec
ARTA warehouse with cars.

Genelec Helps ARTA Bring Enhanced Sound to Tokyo Hub

Tokyo-based ARTA Mechanics & Inspirations has chosen Genelec 4000 series loudspeakers for its showcase facility.

Projects April 24
audio loudspeakers K2 Live Events loudspeaker
L-Acoustics speakers powering Rockin'1000 performance.

L-Acoustics Elevates Audio for Rockin’1000

Rockin'1000 selected L-Acoustics for its global reach and the versatility of K Series, both crucial for their traveling…

Projects March 20
audio loudspeakers theater
hetpaleis stage outfitted with L-Acoustics audio.

L-Acoustics & XLR Upgrade Audio for hetpaleis Theatre in Belgium

hetpaleis, based in Antwerp, Belgium, recently upgraded its audio infrastructure with L-ISA immersive audio with the help of…

News March 14
Midwich Starin The Farm AV value-added distributor
Starin and The Farm logos

Emphasizing Value in Value-Added Distribution

Midwich’s acquisition of The Farm has empowered Starin to deliver a menu of services that bolsters resellers’ businesses…

Sponsored July 17
acoustic performance audio loudspeakers church speakers
Interior of Fuente de Vida.

Fuente de Vida Shines With New L-Acoustics A10i Professional Audio System

Vari International & IM Systems created a 360-degree A Series loudspeaker design for the 8,000-seat arena worship space…

Projects December 15
audio loudspeakers church speakers HOW speech intelligibility
RH Liebfrauen Zurich with renkus-heinz beam-steering arrays

Zürich’s Liebfrauenkirche Enhances Audio With Renkus-Heinz’s Iconyx Compact Loudspeakers

Thanks to Renkus-Heinz, the church congregation can hear the liturgy clearly while basking in the visual grandeur of…

Projects December 13
audio loudspeakers column array
Extron CA 163 speaker

Extron Launches CA 163 Integrator-Friendly Column Array Speaker

The CA 163 by Extron is an easy-to-install column array speaker that combines speech intelligibility and integration-friendly mounting…

News November 15
audio intelligibility audio loudspeakers hospital
View of Indonesian hospital outfitted with Renkus-Heinz ICLive X Series.

Renkus-Heinz ICLive X Series Brings Great Audio to Indonesian Hospital

The ICLive X Series of steerable arrays from Renkus-Heinz meets the hospital’s goals of even coverage and high…

Projects November 7
Amplifier audio loudspeakers performance audio speech intelligibility
Blaze Audio CCA10i loudspeaker.

Blaze Audio Announces CCA10i Loudspeaker

The CC10Ai loudspeaker by Blaze Audio features a compact, three-way arrayable point-source design for medium-sized venues to large…

News July 13
audio loudspeakers church speakers House of Worship HOW venue renovations
Pastor speaking at Timberlake Church.

L-Acoustics Kara IIi Shines at Timberlake Church

Timberlake church had a complete renovation of its concert sound facilities and infrastructure with L-Acoustics' Kara IIi and…

Projects July 6
audio loudspeakers Ceiling Array Microphones conference solutions Shure
Shure MXA902 against a white background.

Shure Launches Microflex Advance MXA902 Ceiling-Mounted Solution

The Microflex Advance MXA902 Integrated Conferencing Ceiling Array, from Shure, is a ceiling-array microphone with integrated loudspeaker.

News May 31
acoustic system audio loudspeakers Large Venue surface mount speakers
Pioneer PRO Audio system in Reforma venue.

Pioneer PRO AUDIO XY Series Elevates Reforma Palm Springs

At Reforma Palm Springs, the XY and CM Series by Pioneer PRO AUDIO encapsulates the venue’s energy through…

Projects May 25
audio loudspeakers cinema audio Constellation System film screenings
Cinema inside Beverly Theater outfitted with Meyer Sound Constellation system.

Meyer Sound Constellation System Delivers at Beverly Theater

The Beverly Theater in Las Vegas installed Meyer Sound’s Constellation acoustic system to create audience experiences beyond the…

Projects April 27
AtlasIED Atmosphere audio loudspeakers commercial audio listening experience
Interior of Pivovar hotel.

Pivovar Hotel Elevates Guest Experience with AtlasIED

Pivovar, a Czech-inspired luxury hotel in Texas, deployed AtlasIED's Atmosphere system along with loudspeakers for the ultimate guest…

Projects April 24
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