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Brawn Consulting, AVIXA Launch New Sales Approach

AVIXA and Brawn Consulting have launched a three-day course focusing on the new role that sales plays and…

News March 18
Brawn Consulting LED
LED display

With Digital Displays, Size Does Matter

With larger flat panel digital displays, designers have been unwittingly undersizing images & not paying enough attention to…

News March 18
Brawn Consulting Business Analytics
analytics data

What Use is Big Data? Analytics Data is the Answer

Too much analytics data is of little value. Here's how to make sense of it all to add…

News November 19
Cell Signal Boosters cellphone boosters Wilson Electronics
girl with curly hair using phone. Close-up

The Key to ‘Boosting’ Cell Communications’ Reliability

Cellular Outlet relies on Wilson Electronics and the weBoost Office 200 to deliver dramatic cell signal and connectivity…

Sponsored June 17
Brawn Consulting
AV businesses

Why AV Businesses Need to Work Like Farmers

Alan Brawn explains why running AV businesses should be done more like a farmer: you can't expect to…

News September 3
Brawn Consulting DisplayPort LED Video Walls Video Wall Controller
G3 Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall, Leyard, LCD Video Wall System

Video Wall Processors: The Road to More Affordable, Ubiquitous Video Walls

The evolving role of video wall processors is a key driver to the growth in demand and popularity.…

News March 27
Brawn Consulting BYOD
collaboration business, collaboration challenges

3 Most Important 2019 AV Trends Are Collaboration, Collaboration and Collaboration

Exploring how and why collaboration became the most important factor in pro AV – and how to deliver…

Insights March 12
Brawn Consulting Strategic Planning
pro AV, AV integration

The History of Pro AV Part 2: AV Integration Experts Need Support!

The AV integration industry could use some more support from manufacturers, according to Alan Brawn in the second…

Insights September 13
Brawn Consulting Crestron Extron Stewart Filmscreen Strategic Planning
Vintage tv concept

The History of Pro AV: Part 1

Times have changed since George Feldstein first designed button panel remotes. Still, future success in AV integration requires…

Insights September 6
ANC Brawn Consulting DSE DSE 2018
Digital Signage Expo, DSE 2018, digital signage trends

The MOST Important Digital Signage Trends Following DSE 2018? There’s Only One

CI speaks with 2 digital signage pros at Digital Signage Expo (DSE 2018) and learns that the biggest…

Insights April 2
Brawn Consulting DSE DSE 2018 Samsung
Samsung Flip digital flip chart

DSE 2018: Samsung Flip Display Is Flipping Cool

A lot of DSE 2018 attendees are flocking to the Samsung Flip display, a digital flip chart for…

News March 28
Brawn Consulting DSE DSE 2018 Internet of Things
Alan Brawn, principal, Brawn Consulting

Beyond the AV Experience: How to Create Engaging Digital Signage

Interactive touchscreens, beacon technology and near field communications take digital signage beyond a pro AV experience and into…

Insights March 27
Brawn Consulting DSE DSE 2018 LED Dispays
Alan Brawn

Alan Brawn Discusses Fine-Pitch, Direct-View LED and ‘Wild West” LED Marketing Claims

Watch as Brawn Consulting principal Alan Brawn discusses popularity of indoor, fine-pitch, direct-view LED; "experience" versus "engagement" in…

News March 13
Brawn Consulting DSE
Quiz Sign Computer Keys

Take Our Quiz to See if Your Digital Signage Solutions Are Future-Proof

A 2-minute quiz scores your readiness when it comes to creating digital signage solutions that provide return on…

Insights March 15
Brawn Consulting InfoComm Premier Mounts

From Craft to Engineered: Today’s Complex AV Mounting Industry

Alan Brawn, principal of Brawn Consulting, discusses the transformation of AV mounting over the past two decades.

Insights June 3
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