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Snap One Launches Binary BX 8K Active HDMI Cables

SnapAV's new line of Binary BX 8k HDMI cables provide quality picture, up to 48 gbps speeds, and…

July 9
Cabling Cisco NSCA PoE
AV over IP solutions, AV over IP, AV tools, InfoComm 2018, AV software

How Cisco and the NSCA Saved the AV Industry

Legislation almost made pulling PoE cable impossible without an electrician’s license – until Cisco & the NSCA stepped…

News October 31
GameChanger Cable, Paige DataCom, UL LLC, UL Verify

UL Verifies Performance of Paige DataCom Solutions GameChanger Cable

UL Verify product safety testing verifies Paige DataCom Solutions’ claim of 1 Gbps performance and PoE+ over 200…

News August 14
Canon Collaboration Today & Tomorrow
Canon discusses collaboration trends, its AMLOS solution ahead of InfoComm 2024.

Canon Discusses AMLOS Solution, Key Collaboration Trends

In this exclusive video Q&A, Canon executives sit down pre-InfoComm 2024 to discuss AMLOS and hybrid collaboration trends.

Sponsored May 28
Cabling IT
wifi network speeds, commercial wifi networks

Wiring for Wireless: Maximize WiFi Network Speeds with These 3 Tips

Keeping commercial wifi networks consistent in terms of behind-the-wall wiring will improve wifi network speeds across the board.

Insights November 15
Cabling Fiber Fiber Optics
Cleerline, fiber vs category 5, signal quality

The ‘Future Has Arrived’ for Fiber, Says Cleerline in Video Q&A

Robert D’Addario of Cleerline Technology discusses fiber’s superior speed, durability and signal quality compared to copper in a…

News September 28

One Product, End-to-End Extension: Kramer’s CP-AOCH 4K HDMI Cables

Save time, cost and hassle.

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Analog Sunset Audio Cabling Corporate EDID HDCP

3 Major Challenges of HDMI Installs and How to Tackle them

HDMI cabling is complicated in large-scale, complex systems. These 3 tricks of the trade should simplify things.

News June 30
Audio Authority Cabling FSR Gefen Key Digital

5 Great Cables, Connectors for Next Install

Check out some recent cables and connectors solutions on the market today.

News June 1
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