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DSE 2018

Samsung Flip digital flip chart

DSE 2018: Samsung Flip Display Is Flipping Cool

A lot of DSE 2018 attendees are flocking to the Samsung Flip display, a digital flip chart for collaboration … because it’s flipping cool.

digital signage installations, LG SVH7E, DSE, DSE 2018, Digital Signage Expo, AV trade shows

DSE 2018: LG SVH7E Is a 0.6mm Bezel Video Wall

Unveiled at Digital Signage Expo (DSE 2018), LG SVH7E is an ultra-narrow 0.6mm bezel video wall display.

Alan Brawn, principal, Brawn Consulting

Beyond the AV Experience: How to Create Engaging Digital Signage

Interactive touchscreens, beacon technology and near field communications take digital signage beyond a pro AV experience and into the realm of engaging with digital signage.

Digital Signage Content, Digital Signage Network, Premier Mounts - QSR

Don’t Boil the Ocean: Integrators Can’t Fear Working with Digital Signage Content Creators

Integrators pride themselves in being one-stop digital signage network shops, but partnerships with content creation firms benefit everyone.

Lighthouse Dynamic Series, Direct View LED

Alan Brawn Introduces Lighthouse Direct View LED Displays for Digital Signage

Lighthouse Dynamic Series Direct View LED displays coming to Stampede Big Book of AV Tour stops, demos at DSE and NAB and at InfoComm 2018.

DSE 2018, BrightSign,Vegas EXP, Digital Signage

BrightSign Sets the Stage for DSE 2018 All Over Las Vegas

BrightSign media players power several high-profile digital experiences throughout Digital Signage Expo 2018 and on the Las Vegas Strip.

EngagePHD, Ping HD, Adcorp360, Supermarket Advertising Network

Ping HD Partners with Adcorp360 to Drive Supermarket Advertising Network Through EngagePHD

Adcorp360 picks Ping HD EngagePHD platform to manage ad screen digital signage supermarket advertising network across 2,500 U.S. grocery stores.

Emerging Tech Talks, Augmented Reality, Augmented Climbing resized, augmented reality marketing, DSE 2018

Get Ahead of an Important New AV Market with these Augmented Reality Marketing Tips at DSE 2018

Integem’s Eliza Du to discuss ‘Power of Holographic Augmented Reality in Marketing/Advertising’ during Digital Signage Expo (DSE 2018) Emerging Tech Talks.

Alan Brawn Discusses Fine-Pitch, Direct-View LED and ‘Wild West” LED Marketing Claims

Watch as Brawn Consulting principal Alan Brawn discusses popularity of indoor, fine-pitch, direct-view LED; “experience” versus “engagement” in digital signage; and “Wild West” marketing claims around LED displays.

Digital Signage

Enplug, Syncromatics Showcase Transit Digital Signage at DSE 2018

Developers including Syncromatics can build custom content applications on top of the Enplug digital signage platform and update it in real time.

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