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customers post pandemic needs

Your Customers’ Post Pandemic Needs: Exclusive Research & Analysis

In an upcoming webinar on August 10th at 2 PM ET, Commercial Integrator and NSCA will break down exclusive survey results of end user customers about post pandemic technology purchasing habits.

Onepath End User Adoption

AV Pros Should Prioritize Ease of Use Over Complexity

Trying to impress your clients by building the most complicated and intricate AV system won’t lead to the end user adoption you desire.

Room with table featuring UC&C technology.

How You Can Help Your Customers Achieve End User Adoption

Remote work and AV technologies are in demand, but that doesn’t mean your end user customers will readily adopt and use them.

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How To Get The End User To Use The AV You Install For Them

If the end user doesn’t use the AV systems you install for them, there’s a good chance that something went wrong along the way.