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4K Philips QE-Line 3000 digital signage series with ‘EcoDesign’ in corporate space

PPDS’ Eco-Friendly Philips Signage 3000 Series QE-Line Delivers 4K Performance at Half the Power

PPDS' latest Philips Signage 3650 QE-Line brings high-impact 4K Ultra HD performance using only half the energy with…

News November 17
Energy energy-saving technology PoE power over ethernet
Power over Ethernet project photo

The Evolution of PoE and Lighting: The Benefits of Applying IT to Energy

PoE offers reduced power consumption, increased efficiency, ease of installation, increased safety, reduced costs and increased informational feedback.

Insights July 13
Church Energy Energy Management Houses of Worship Training
house of worship technology market

The House of Worship Technology Market in 2021

Houses of worship have tricky acoustics, audio challenges, & budget-conscious customers. It all adds up to sales issues…

News April 7
22Miles Digital Signage Recurring Revenue
22Miles executive opines on key digital signage opportunities.

Digital Signage Opportunities: Digging Deeper

Digital signage opportunities abound for integrators that embrace a consultative approach, advising clients on the best solutions.

Sponsored May 22
Energy Energy Efficient Energy Management Environment
Green Economy

The AV Industry Should Tap Further Into the Green Economy

There is tremendous opportunity and benefit for the pro AV industry and systems integrators to tap into the…

Insights October 31
Energy Green Hotel
Hilton Newark Airport, LG Electronics, flat-panel TVs

Here’s How Hilton Newark Airport and LG Recycled Nearly 400 Flat-Panel TVs

Hilton Newark Airport worked with Global Sustainability Solutions and LG Electronics to responsibly recycle nearly 400 older hotel…

News November 28
Energy Energy Management Power
Eaton, 93PM UPS

Eaton Adds New 208/220v Model to 93PM Uninterruptible Power Supply Family

Eaton 208/220v model features flexible deployment and other benefits to keep your business going while lowering total cost…

News September 18
Access Control Building Automation Energy IP security security systems smart buildings
security, security system, video surveillance systems, smart building, building automation, security systems

How Security Systems Fuel Smart Building Savings and Streamline Functions

The myriad data security systems put forth make it possible to create not only a safe building, but…

Insights September 18
Energy Energy Management
ELAN, energy consumption, automation, case study

A Case Study in Why You Should Use Automation to Reduce Energy Consumption

EWoffice Business Center in Panama City, Panama is a case study in using ELAN control to reduce energy consumption.

Projects September 11
Energy Power security surveillance
surge protection, security installations

4 Reasons Why Surge Protection is Critical for Security Installations

The best way to prevent damage from an electrical surge, internally- or externally-caused, is to install surge protectors…

News September 7
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