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McGuire Sponsel meeting room

ClearOne Conferencing Solutions Improve Meeting Experience at McGuire Sponsel

Chrismin Communications integrates ClearOne solutions to elevate the tax agency's meetings and collaboration capabilities.

Projects February 7
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Marshall Electronics CV420e 4K60 Digital ePTZ camera

Marshall Electronics Debuts First 4K60 Digital ePTZ Camera

Marshall Electronics' CV420e digital ePTZ camera features 9 1/2 megapixel 4K sensor and USB3.0, IP and HDMI capabilities.

News August 4
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Hall Tech PTZ cameras at ISE

Hall Technologies New PTZ Cameras Ideal for Classrooms and Collaboration

Hall Technologies' new PTZ cameras offer rich video output with high-resolution video with true HD color gamuts.

News May 4

Ubx Series: Precise Coverage in a Passive Column

Renkus-Heinz’s multi-award winning UBX Series brings expert beam-steering capabilities into the realm of passive arrays.

Sponsored May 27
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180 ePTZ Camera

New ClearOne UNITE® 180 ePTZ Camera Delivers 180-degree Panoramic View

The 180 ePTZ cameras provides six different viewing modes for room and participant close-ups ideal for visual collaboration.

News July 13
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