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Selling 4K: Can Your Customers Even Tell the Difference?

A recent webinar from Brawn Consulting explains how the eye sees 4K and what that means for selling…

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Gefen EXT-UHD600A-44, 4K 60 hz, 4:4:4, Core Brands

Gefen EXT-UHD600A-44 Can Scale HDMI up to 4K 60 Hz at 4:4:4

Core Brands’ Gefen EXT-UHD600A-44 ultra HD 600 MHz 4x4 matrix can switch and scale HDMI up to 4K…

News July 31
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Crestron, Network AV Encoder/Decoder, DigitalMedia 4K60, DM NVX, DM-NVX-350

3 Reasons Crestron’s DM-NVX-350 DigitalMedia 4K60 AV Encoder/Decoder Won a BEST Award

Crestron's DigitalMedia 4K60 Network AV Encoder/Decoder won a BEST Award under video distribution systems. This is what separated it…

News July 20
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