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How HireSparks Overcomes AV Recruiting Challenges

Michael Sparks, founder of HireSparks, says the AV industry needs to do a better job of marketing its career opportunities to take on AV recruiting challenges. That’s why his AV-specific recruiting firm acts as ambassadors for its customers.

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The Problem Isn’t with Millennials, It’s with Old People in the Workplace

A lot of energy is spent complaining about challenges related to managing Millennial employees, but let’s talk about how some old people in the workplace need to adapt and make room for the rookies on the team.

NSCA Electronic Systems Outlook

AV Industry Talent Recruiting Challenges: Summed Up in 3 Minutes

The AV industry has long struggled with talent recruiting challenges stemming from perceptual issues including that young professionals have no idea careers in AV exist. Watch this video to understand what you’re up against.

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Turn a Superb Arby’s Cashier into Your Next All-Star Pro AV Brand Ambassador

With good pro AV brand ambassadors, this company recognized qualities in a sandwich shop employee and recruited him to be a key team member.

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Why Is It So Hard to Recruit and Hire Good Pro AV Employees?

The AV industry finds it hard to recruit good employees, settles for retreads and has lousy demographics to show for it.


How to Avoid These Common Recruiting and Hiring Mistakes

Free webinar outlines common recruiting and hiring mistakes integration companies likely make and offers steps to improve recruiting and onboarding.

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Tierney Brothers Employees Had Their Bosses Right Where They Wanted Them: In a Dunk Tank

Leading into a busy stretch for Tierney Brothers employees, the CEO, COO and sales manager climbed into a dunk tank so the team could exact revenge.


NSCA Ambassadors’ Recruiting Efforts Ignite Interest in AV Among Students

NSCA Ignite program aimed at increasing awareness in AV integration for next generation through outreach at high schools and colleges.

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IBM’s Mandate to Remote Employees Will Backfire and We All Know It

IBM’s mandate that remote workers shift to working in a physical office runs counter to the embrace of remote collaboration which is gaining steam … just about everywhere else.

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How Integrators Can Attract and Retain Top Talent

Carousel Industries executives talk about how Millennials are changing the ways employers must approach the job market if they want to hire them.