Hybrid Work

Employee Training

Don’t Let Your R&D Budget Overwhelm Employee Training Opportunities

AV companies need research and development to create new products, but they need their employees to sell and install them.

AV job market, interview questions

How the Pandemic Has Changed the Questions Employers Ask Job Candidates

Employers are thinking differently about the skills they need in job seekers who will likely be working from home much more often thanks to COVID-19.

Poly Sync

Poly Introduces the Poly Sync Line of Speakerphones for Remote, Hybrid Work

Poly is releasing the Poly Sync family of smart, USB and Bluetooth speakerphones as the company leans into the rising remote and hybrid work trend.

Videoconferencing Habits, Videoconferencing Trends

What AV Integrators Can Learn From Our Changing Videoconferencing Habits

LogMeIn shared some of GoToMeeting’s usage data with us, and it illustrates where and to whom to sell videoconferencing systems.

work from home employees

Work from Home Employee Holdouts Need Some Serious Self-Reflection Time

The stigma about working from home has largely been lifted, but there are still some company leaders—including in AV—who don’t see it as having a future.

Hybrid Work is Likely the ‘New Normal’ for Businesses in Post-Pandemic World

Anonymous survey of 3,200 employees at high-profile company shows 80 percent expect a mix of office-based and remote co-workers in the long term.

Google Hybrid Work

Google CEO Leans Into Hybrid Work, Flexibility

Google is leaning into a hybrid work strategy focusing on employees, collaboration and flexibility as workers continue to adapt to changing environments.

Sharp Windows Collaboration Display

Optimize Meeting Rooms with Windows Collaboration Displays from Sharp

Windows collaboration displays from Sharp provide the tools enterprises will need to support a hybrid and remote work environment.

Remote Work Fatigue

We’re Getting a Little Tired of Remote Work

Endless video meetings and working long hours are causing employees to rethink just how much they like working from home, resulting in remote work fatigue.

Person speaking with IT support on a videoconferencing platform.

Microsoft Says Work Will Never Be the Same

According to a new study from Microsoft and TechRepublic, the technological response to the COVID-19 crisis will ead to a new normal of hybrid work.