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Industry's Got Talent

Michael Hester, Beacon Communications, Roadie

Industry’s Got Talent: Michael Hester, Beacon Communications, Former Roadie

This week’s Industry’s Got Talent: former NSCA president and Beacon Communications founder Michael Hester recalls the lessons he learned from Pete Townsend.

Just Add Power, Taft Stricklin, Guitar, Industry's Got Talent

Industry’s Got Talent: Taft Stricklin, Just Add Power Has ‘Unchained’ Wedding

Sales manager Taft Stricklin of Just Add Power, a proficient guitarist in his own right, remembers living out his rock-and-roll fantasies at his wedding.

Industry’s Got Talent: Tim Bigoness, D-Tools, Provides Backbeat for the Bay Area

Tim Bigoness, chief marketing officer, D-Tools, spends his free time away from the electronics industry as the backbone of the San Francisco-based band JamDaddy.

Robert D'Addario

Industry’s Got Talent: Robert D’Addario Born with Groove in His Heart

D’Addario said there’s no pressure being born into a famous musical family, but he wishes he had more time to play drums and guitar these days.

dan daley

Industry’s Got Talent: Dan Daley’s Journey Through Live Music, Songwriting and Production

Daley explains how he became a songwriter, the stark differences in how music is made today vs. the old analog days, and the satisfaction he derives from working in the commercial electronics industry.

Drunk Unkles

Industry’s Got Talent: Steve Emspak on Working with Steven Tyler and Drunk Unkles

We’ll ‘let the music do the talking’ in this CI interview with Steve Emspak of Shen MIlsom & Wilke on his musical journey from Steven Tyler to the Drunk Unkles.