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Trade Agreements Act, BrightSign XT1144-T

BrightSign XT1144-T Media Player Complies with Trade Agreements Act

The new BrightSign XT1144-T satisfies Trade Agreements Act (19 U.S.C. & 2501-2581) making it ideal for government agencies, according to the manufacturer.

NSCA, safety regulations,

NSCA Delivers These 14 Services for Integration Firm Members Every Day

From tracking cyber and safety regulations that affect their companies to addressing insurance needs and compliance issues, these 14 services are the tip of the iceberg in terms of what NSCA provides to its members every day.

Mass Notification System, MNEC, mass notification codes

This Quiz May Reveal Your Mass Notification System Isn’t Up to Code

Even experts on MNEC lack knowledge of code standards. This five-question quiz can help gauge your Mass Notification System readiness.

working man with wrench

Find Out If Your National Electric Code Skills Are Electrified

Installers should take this quiz to determine how well they know the NFPA 70 National Electric Code (NEC) as it pertains to speakers installed in plenum and acoustical ceiling tile.

cell signal boosters, FCC, Federal Communications Commission, personal restriction, SureCall

FCC Weighs Cell Signal Booster Personal Use Restriction: SureCall, Wilson Electronics React

On March 22, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) votes on eliminating the personal restriction cell signal boosters from a 2013 ruling. Manufacturers SureCall and Wilson Electronics weigh in.

2017 Tax Cuts, $1,000 bonuses, Almo, Almo Pro AV

Almo Takes 2017 Tax Cuts and Redistributes $1,000 Bonuses to Employees

Almo says it will use the 2017 Tax Cuts reward employees with incremental bonuses of $1,000 and to invest in office expansion and workplace improvements.

AV integration, union labor, Herman Integration Services

Herman Integration Services Now Offers Union Labor for New York City AV Projects

Herman Integration Services has acquired Unified Global Services, a Communications Workers of America (CWA) union house, and can now offer integrators union labor in New York City.

net neutrality repeal, meeting room technology

How Net Neutrality Repeal Affects Meeting Room Technology

Since the FCC voted for net neutrality repeal, most speculation has been about how it will affect streaming, online purchasing, ISP pricing and more – but it’s also likely to impact meeting room technology.

Nanolumens, PixelFLEX, Patent Infringement, nanolumens airport advertising 2

NanoLumens, PixelFLEX Settle Patent Infringement Lawsuit and PixelFLEX Becomes NanoLumens Partner

Not only has NanoLumens and PixelFLEX settled their Patent Infringement lawsuit but PixelFLEX has joined the NanoLumens Partner Program.


How the AV Industry Can Do a Better Job of Selling Standards

AV industry customers are still slow to embrace the efforts by AV and IT integrators to teach them how to maximize their investments in technology by following and selling standards. The problem is often based in basic human nature.