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Podcast: Why Companies Should Get Business Data from Integrators

Chris Henry, CEO of Cenero, explains why integration firms are well-suited to provide companies with business data as part of managed services agreements in a MyTechDecisions podcast.

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Quiz: Is Providing Business Data to Customers a Revenue Opportunity for You?

It’s 100% given that your customers are looking for business data to make informed strategic decisions. What’s not clear is if your company is equipped to provide it. Take our 4-question quiz to see if this revenue opportunity is for you.

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Here’s How Almo CONNECT Surveillance, Wireless Options Change Your Sales Conversations

Distributor Almo Pro A/V has added security, surveillance and wireless phone options to its Almo CONNECT broadband selling program. In doing so, it allows integrators to tap into customers’ concerns that traditional AV doesn’t address.

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At Cenero, the Data Is In: Managed Services Model Works

The original plan for Cenero wasn’t to be an integration firm. But it is. Now it’s redefining how to grow an integration business through managed services.

Almo Pro A/V, Viasat, Almo CONNECT, Almo Pro A/V, video surveillance

Almo Pro A/V Adds 24/7 Video Surveillance via Comcast to Almo CONNECT

Distributor Almo Professional A/V enhances its dealer reseller Almo CONNECT broadband service by adding video surveillance from Comcast Business SmartOffice Solutions and new wireless options.

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AdMobilize Partners with avt, Expands Reach of Audience Analytics and Business Data

AdMobilize, a maker of Crowd Analytics Platform software for gathering business data and crowd analytics, has partnered with avt to distribute in Australia and New Zealand.

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