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LTE upgrade tips strategy

4 Ways to Easily Upgrade Your 3G Customers to LTE

Learn about the LTE upgrade strategy that has one integrator on the verge of completing upgrades for their…

News October 30
Apps Mobile
Christmas tree app

Estonians Used an App to Hunt for Trees This Year

Christmas tree app helps Estonians... Well, we're not really sure how it helps them, all we know is…

Insights December 25
5G AR Augmented Reality IoT Mobile
Mobile World Congress, MWC 2019

5 Technologies from Mobile World Congress Integrators Should Pay Attention To

Mobile World Congress (MWC 2019) technology: it isn't just smart phones! Integrators, you'll see these more prominently from…

News March 7
22Miles Digital Signage Recurring Revenue
22Miles executive opines on key digital signage opportunities.

Digital Signage Opportunities: Digging Deeper

Digital signage opportunities abound for integrators that embrace a consultative approach, advising clients on the best solutions.

Sponsored May 22
5G Mobile
Mobile World Congress, Mobile World Congress trends, AV industry, pro AV industry

3 Mobile World Congress Trends Affecting the Pro AV Industry

The 5G network, IoT concerns, and virtual reality were all highlights of Mobile World Congress 2018. What can…

News March 15
Higher Education Mobile Research
mobile technology use, apps in education

Apps in Education: Mobile Technology Use Determines Higher-Ed Success

Success of education now and in the future is determined by institutions' ability to provide useful apps in…

Insights October 20
ai iot mobile

The Irrefutable Case for Mastering IoT, AI and Mobile

Integrators have to master new technology that they think may not apply to them, such as IoT, AI…

Insights May 1
4K Cloud Mobile OLED

The Biggest Digital Signage Innovations Everyone Will Be Talking about This Year

With interactivity, OLED, mobile “cloud” control capabilities and other significant digital signage innovations on the rise, integration firms…

News February 17
Cloud Mobile Recurring Revenue

Your Future-Ready Checklist: How Many of These 5 Tech Trends Are Under Your Belt?

In order to solve the problems of tomorrow, today's integrators need to be aware of the trends that…

Insights March 1
Cloud Mobile

2016 Is Almost Here; Where Should Your Focus Be?

Ignoring these five key areas of focus will leave your business drained and behind your competitors over the…

Insights December 22
Apple Cisco Cloud Mobile

Apple, Cisco Partner to Boost iOS for Business

Partnership aims to optimize collaboration between Apple's mobile devices and Cisco networking and conferencing tools.

News September 1

Futuristic Touchscreen Changes the Meaning of 3D

New technology called GHOST could revolutionize the way we interact with smartphones, computers, interactive whiteboards and video walls.>

News July 22

NFC, Beacons Breed New Era of Digital Signage Customization

Digital signage meets Internet of Things thanks to emerging trends like Near Field Communications (NFC) and tiny radio…

News July 20
Mobile Samsung

Samsung Gets to Work on 11K Resolution

At 11K and 2,250 pixels per inch, such a display would blow 4K and 8K out of the…

News July 10
BYOD InfoComm Mobile

Truth or Travesty? InfoComm’s Lack of Innovation Hints at Something More

CI columnist calls out InfoComm 2015 tech trends, explains further what the industry must do to step up.>

Insights June 30
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