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Airtame Hub- Jabra PanaCast50

Airtame and Jabra Partner to Optimize Hybrid Collaboration

Airtame and Jabra synergize to enhance hybrid meeting spaces of all sizes with flexible conferencing solutions.

News October 12
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table with small videoconferencing camera setup, concept of Video Collaboration, created with Generative AI technology

Choosing the Right Cameras for Your Conference Room

Considering the most essential power features for conference-room cameras, as well as the various form-factor options to evaluate.

Insights September 20
Hybrid Work Logi Dock Flex UCC videoconferecning
Logi Dock Flex

Logitech Introduces Logi Dock Flex Hybrid Workplace Solution

Logi Dock Flex is designed to support the growing hotdesking trend, while providing an increased level of flexibility for…

News May 24

Ubx Series: Precise Coverage in a Passive Column

Renkus-Heinz’s multi-award winning UBX Series brings expert beam-steering capabilities into the realm of passive arrays.

Sponsored May 27
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man opening a box with many bright light bulbs

Have We Changed How We Do Business?

An assortment of industry stakeholders weighs in on how day-to-day business operations have changed three years after the…

Insights April 13
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Owl Labs Bar

Owl Labs Launches Owl Bar to Pair With 360-Degree Conferencing Camera

The Owl Bar is a new all-in-one front-of-room conferencing camera, mic and speaker bar that allows all participants…

News March 31
Boom Academy Conferencing Hardware Teams videoconferecning Zoom
People in a hybrid meeting with Boom Aura intelligent video bar

Boom Time Beckons For Growing Conferencing Force

There's a new videoconferencing kid on the block — Boom, aiming to shake up the market to become…

News February 9
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Zoom Room hybrid office hybrid work videoconferencing

Settling into the Hybrid Office

Hybrid work represents a prime opportunity for integrators, and the AV industry broadly, to reimagine workspaces and help…

News February 9
Healthcare Telehealth videoconferecning
Person using telehealth services.

Integrators are Helping to Drive a New Era in Healthcare

Technology professionals are racing to outfit healthcare clients with telehealth technology.

News August 31
Kramer VIA Connect 2 UCC videoconferecning wireless presentation system
Business start-up team and consultants in the office at the conference table during coaching

Logitech & Kramer Deliver Certified Conference Room Solutions

Logitech's MeetUp camera is now certified for Kramer VIA Connect2 and VIA Campus2 wireless presentation systems.

News May 31
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