What Does the Modern Classroom Look Like? 3 Qs with Atlona

Published: October 2, 2020

In this edition of CI 3 Questions, Roger Takacs of Atlona talks to us about where he thinks current digital learning trends will go post-COVID.

Commercial Integrator: Talking about distance learning, Atlona has many ideas about how the modern classroom has evolved. How do you think it has?

Roger Takacs: Unlike any other market, education has gone back to work full-time. Their challenges are different from anything they’ve ever had. In the education space, they were either in the classroom or not. Across the board, we’re seeing the demand for synchronous education and live student interactions online.

CI: How has Atlona met these new challenges?

RT: Distance learning didn’t used to involve a live classroom; it was a recording in a perfect environment that was edited after the fact. Our new Omega products can move HDMI & USB independently at the same time. While the tech has been around for a while, the education market has found a need for the audio from the teacher and the digital classroom to be captured at the same time.

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CI: Will this evolution last through the crisis, or will it become defunct after COVID?

RT: I think there’s part of what we’re doing right now that will stick around. There was never a need for classrooms to live online, but now that we’ve made that possible, why do we have to let it go once COVID is no longer a concern? Why can’t we allow some students to attend class even if they can’t be there in person?

The big change I see on the horizon is that traditional lecture capture will change completely or go away. I really do believe that some of these changes are going to be permanent going forward.

For those interested to learn more about Atlona, visit their website and watch the video above.

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