20 Leadership Books AV Leaders Read When They’re Not Reading CI

Most of these literary favorites from some of our favorite people in the industry focus on innovative ways to lead their organizations.

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Stephen MR Covey talks about his book The Speed of Truth, one of the leadership books in the first CI Book Club.

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We know most of our readers can’t put down their monthly issues of Commercial Integrator or stop clicking around our new and improved website for the latest news and information in the systems integration universe. But on those rare occasions when they stop reading our stuff, what leadership books do some of the industry’s most prominent leaders read in their free time to help themselves run their organizations more effectively?

What’s interesting about the answers we heard from those who responded to our outreach is the variety of selections they shared. In fact, among the 15 people who shared their favorite books, only one book—Start with Why by Simon Sinek—was mentioned by more than one person.

That tells you a couple of things: there are a heck of a lot of leadership books out there, and perhaps just as importantly, there are a lot of ways to successfully lead a business these days.

These selections are as diverse as the people who gave us their top picks. Maybe some of these books would work for you, maybe some of them won’t but there’s certainly an eclectic selection and a diverse cross-section—one dating back more than 400 years—from which to choose.

Consider this a head-start on putting together your summer reading list. We’d love to hear your thoughts on these choices, along with some of your favorite books that aren’t mentioned in this list. Maybe you’ll see some dog-eared copies of these books on the flights to Orlando in June for InfoComm 2017 or next winter to Dallas for the 20th NSCA Business & Leadership Conference.

Then again, given the audience we’re focused on here, you’re probably more likely to see some of your competitors with their faces buried in their favorite mobile device reading one of these books on their way to the Total Tech Summit in Orlando in November. Either way, we hope Oprah doesn’t mind us horning in on her territory with the CI Book Club. Enjoy!

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