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Peek Inside $100 Million Performance Tower at Berklee College
The newest Berklee College building is an epicenter of recording studios, residence halls and a truly unique cafeteria with ceilings so high it doubles as a performance room.

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4 House of Worship Acoustic Myths Debunked
The acoustics inside a church can make the difference between a properly communicated message...
Cornell’s Sage Chapel Turns 7 Feet of Amplification into 7 Inches With Ashly Audio
Ashly Audio products condense the processing and amplification system at Cornell University's Sage Chapel.
Five Horses Tavern’s Do It Yourself Noise Control
Boston restaurateur combines research, advice and sweat equity to conquer a raucous room.

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Simulate the Studio Experience by Tweaking Acoustics
Audio companies like Primacoustic and Bowers & Wilkins offer technical support to aid dealers in designing room spaces conducive to proper listening applications.

Qt Conference Room Protects Private Meeting Room Conversations
Cambridge Sound Management showcases Qt Conference Room sound masking solution at InfoComm 2015.

3 Questions for Lencore on Open Office Sound Masking, MNEC and ISC West
David Smith, director of business and channel strategy at Lencore, has some advice for integrators looking to add new revenue in 2015.

Cambridge Sound Management Launches Conference Room Sound Masking
Qt Conference Room Edition is an all-in-one privacy solution consisting of a control module, two lighted privacy status signs, and a series of direct-field sound masking emitters aimed to prevent confidential conversations from leaking out of private meeting rooms.

Consider Assistive Listening Systems in Mass Notification
Public venues must be able to notify patrons with hearing trouble in the event of an emergency.

People & Places: Listen Technologies Partners with Herman Pro AV
Herman Pro AV will distribute Listen Technologies' RF, IR and ListenPoint products in pursuit of ongoing goal of raising awareness about hearing loss and assistive listening.

Primacoustic Updates VoxGuard Nearfield Acoustic Absorber
VoxGuard, one of the most popular products within Primacoustic's Iso-Tool line, now includes the added benefit of a sightline window to improve communication between musicians.

Cambridge Sound Management Enables Sound Masking Across Multiple Locations
The new Qt Command Center software from Cambridge Sound Management allows businesses to control sound masking across various locations.

Hands On: Inside a Listen Technologies Church Solution
Integrator AMT Systems reviews a seamless and nearly invisible Listen Technologies church solution for congregants with difficulty hearing.

Auralex Expands GRAMMA Acoustic Isolation Platform Series
GRAMMA stands for Gig and Recording, Amp and Monitor Modulation Attenuator, an acoustic isolation platform that allows the true sound of a speaker and amplifier to show through without resonating artifacts. Auralex releases its V2 series.

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