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AVer Launches 4K 12X AI PTZ Cameras

AVer introduced its AI PTZ cameras, the PTZ310UNV2 and the PTZ310UV2, built for broadcasting, streaming or recording.


Sony Electronics Launches Two 4K IP-Based PTZ Cameras with Built-in AI Analytics

The SRG-A40 and SRG-A12 PTZ cameras provide excellent image quality and enable remote control for seamless capture.


Laird Thermoelectric Coolers Designed for Outdoor Security Cameras

Laird Thermoelectric HiTemp ETX Series Coolers specifically designed for emerging spot cooling applications in high temperature environments.


i-PRO’s AI Security Cameras Allow for Analytics

i-PRO X-Series AI security cameras allow for analytical applications on the network to optimize bandwidth and storage requirements


Avengers: Infinity War Was Shot Entirely On IMAX Cameras: And It Paid Off Considerably

IMAX announces a record-setting opening weekend for Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War - the first Hollywood film to


Brain Stimulation, Underwater Cameras and Surveillance Balloons Highlight Olympics Tech

While most of the focus is on the athletes in Rio, many behind-the-scenes innovations have improved the experience


Marshall Cameras Elevate Hybrid Courtroom Experiences

S&L Integrated Systems transforms courtrooms in Georgia with Marshall's CV503, CV504, & CV-355-10X cameras for hybrid legal proceedings.


InfoComm & AVI Systems Team Up Again for Esports Live 2.0

InfoComm & AVI Systems reunite for Esports Live 2.0, featuring live competitions, expert talks, a full production stage


Turning AI Mystery Into AI Strategy

Three ways AV integrators can transform the AI hype into impactful business solutions.


Marshall Cameras Now Compatible With Quicklink Remote Studio

Marshall says that its cameras are compatible with Quicklink Remote Studio, allowing for complete remote control and other

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