AVer Launches 4K 12X AI PTZ Cameras

Published: March 29, 2023

AVer Information Inc. USA, provider of video-collaboration solutions and education-technology solutions, announced the PTZ310UNV2 and PTZ310UV2, two next-generation 4K 12X AI PTZ cameras. Per the Taiwan-based company, the new cameras combine high image quality, video-streaming support and AI functionality.

According to AVer, its PTZ310UNV2 is also the first UHD NDI HX3 camera. Here, it features 4K resolution, 12X optical zoom and 8MP pictures with 60fps. It is thus suitable for broadcasting and streaming. Additionally, the PTZ310UNV2 features the latest format of NDI. It boasts reduced latency with less than 100ms while only utilizing a fraction of the bandwidth of NDI high bandwidth.

The PTZ310UNV2 also enables simultaneous output at 4Kp60 with HDMI/NDI/IP. With this, it helps provide high image quality and video-streaming capabilities. Moreover, it features built-in AI functions such as SmartShoot.  The camera thus provides an intuitive yet simplified user experience.

Meanwhile, the PTZ310UV2 combines crisp image quality, video-streaming support and AI functionality. With this, it helps provide a reliable, feature-rich solution for capturing events. The PTZ310UV2 also comes with 4K resolution, 12X optical zoom and 8MP pictures with 60fps to support broadcasting and streaming applications. AVer also states that the camera combines intelligent AI functions such as SmartShoot. With this, it provides present content areas and adjust viewpoints to capture all meeting participants.

Additional Features

Featuring AI functionality, the PTZ310UNV2 and PTZ310UV2 optimize camera controls for automatic content capturing between present areas and the ability to create a multi-camera feel across preset zones. The cameras integrate framing technology, which instantly adjusts the field of view (FOV) to capture multiple people and fit everyone onscreen. Additionally, it allows users to easily record presentations, lectures and more with a simple touch.

The PTZ310UNV2 and PTZ310UV2 also feature Zoom and Microsoft Teams video mode for a simplified user experience with popular videoconferencing platforms. Additionally, the SRT protocol within PTZ310UNV2 and PTZ310UV2 optimizes video streaming performance across unpredictable networks. Both cameras are only available in white, and include NDAA and TAA compliance. They are also protected by the AVerCare warranty, the company notes.

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“We are thrilled to introduce a new generation of PTZ cameras for broadcasting, streaming and recording,” notes Aalap Patel, director of product, Pro AV/K-12, AVer Information Inc. USA. “The PTZ310UNV2 and PTZ310UV2 pack powerful, intuitive features to support a variety of streaming and broadcasting applications. Notably, the PTZ310UNV2 is the first-of-its-kind by integrating the latest edition of NDI to promote low latency for live broadcasting and content sharing.”

“The addition of AVer’s new NDI-enabled PTZ cameras into our growing ecosystem of devices. Integrating NDI HX3, our most advanced and efficient format, will [also] enable amazing video creation experiences for customers. We are excited to be working closer than ever with AVer, as it continues to embrace the power of NDI to support our joint customers, partners and an emerging video market,” states Tarif Sayed, NDI president and general manager.

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