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cybersecurity terms integrators should know

Cybersecurity Basics: Terms & Definitions Integrators Should Know

Malware. Phishing. Password attacks. What’s the difference, anyway? Everyone involved in system integration would benefit from knowing these general cybersecurity terms.

Cyberattack Holiday Break

U.S. Agencies Urge Cyber Vigilance During Holiday Break

FBI and CISA warn organizations to take several actions leading up to Thanksgiving holiday to proactively protect against cyberattacks.

Cybersecurity Integrators

Study Links Cyberattacks To Remote Work Tech

Your customers are increasingly worried about their employees’ home networks, the expanding software supply chain and cloud migration.

Cybersecurity pro AV

Check Out These Basic Cybersecurity Certifications

With AV-over-IP becoming more popular, AV professionals should be just as fluent in IT and cybersecurity standards as their IT counterparts. 

Honeywell Report

Report: 71% of Facility Managers Worry About Operational Cybersecurity

Improving cybersecurity for OT systems ranks as a top priority for surveyed facility managers over the next 12 to 18 months, Honeywell says.

solutionz Security

Solutionz, Inc. Launches Cybersecurity Firm Solutionz Security for SMBs

New cybersecurity firm, Solutionz Security for SMBs provides best in class cybersecurity protection for today’s digital landscape.

Cybersecurity Skills Gap is Widening as Breach Costs Rise

Multiple studies reveal a cybersecurity skills shortage that comes right as the cost of breaches hit record highs for organizations.

cybersecurity threats

Remote Work and the Future of Cybersecurity Threats

Companies will have to prepare for the hybrid work model and the cybersecurity threats that will come with it.

More Accellion Cyberattack Victims Revealed

The list of organizations affected by the Accellion cyberattack continues to grow as the company attempts to handle the fallout.

Cybersecurity Integrators

Why Integrators Need To Start Taking Cybersecurity Seriously

Thanks to a recent spate of cyberattacks, drumming up new business could soon require integrators to harden their cyber defenses.