Don’t Miss These Cybersecurity Sessions at CIX23 Conference

Published: August 17, 2023
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The Commercial Integrator Expo (CIX23) Conference is a robust conference program that provides instruction by industry experts, supporting associations and organizations. Over the three days, attendees will thus have an opportunity to learn about a range of topics related to the AV industry from unified communications, AV signal transport protocols/networking to future trends, digital signage and smart buildings.

In addition to this, the CIX23 Conference has sessions dedicated to the growing concerns and trends in cybersecurity. These are as follows:

Cybersecurity 101

By Frank Padikkala, technical sales engineer, presenter, Audinate

This session focuses on giving attendees a quick intro to the world of cybersecurity. With converged networks becoming a standard in a lot of AV solutions, it is important to have the foundational knowledge to engage in security conversations. The session gives attendees a pathway to building a security-conscious team capable of successfully implementing projects in this new era of technology overlap.

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Creating Opportunity Using a Risk-Based Approach

By Chris Johnson, Sr. director of cybersecurity compliance programs, presenter, CompTIA

Perspective is a requirement in how cybersecurity culture aligns to the organizational strategy. The wrong perspective will waste time, talent and treasure causing frustration, worry and have a negative impact on overall business growth. The right perspective will actually have the opposite effect for all of those things and have a lasting, positive impact on the business as well as the client’s business. In this session, attendees will get to explore some of the ways to create better, meaningful conversations around cybersecurity by changing perspective. By doing so, attendees can witness how to avail the best opportunity for business.

CIX23, co-located with CEDIA Expo 2023, will be held from September 6 through 9, 2023, in Denver, Colo.

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