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Brian Taraci Extron CEO/CTO declares supply chain issues are resolved

Extron Declares Supply Chain Issues Resolved, Inventory Back to Normal

Extron says its returned to ‘normal mode of operation’ with 93% of its current products on shelves in stock and ready to ship.

logistic transportation network concept, business man monitor by using artificial intelligence technology to manage localization and identification data of supply chain to improve economy system

Supply Chain Challenges May Be Waning, But Best Practices Remain

Apply these best practices to enhance supply chain resilience and agility amidst ongoing challenges.

QSC Linda Lee headshot.

QSC Promotes Linda Lee to VP of Operations & Supply Chain

As VP of operations and supply chain, Linda Lee will work on enhancing processes as well as QSC’s relationships with suppliers and customers.

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Enhance Client Relationships & Profitability with These Risk-Mitigation Strategies for the Supply Chain

Join us for a discussion on strategies integration business owners can take to mitigate the supply-chain risks they face.

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Supply Chain Strategies to Mitigate Risk

There’s no silver bullet to simply “fix” current supply chain issues, but integration business owners can mitigate the risks they face.

warehouse worker examining AV equipment affected by the supply chain.

Talking Supply Chain with Crestron

Recently, Crestron directly addressed how it’s responding to supply-chain snarls in a one-hour open forum for partners.

Dan Feldstein, CEO of Crestron Electronics

Crestron Addresses Supply Chain Problems Head-On

Crestron explains why it is suffering from long delivery times and vows to work with integrators to mitigate the situation.

warehouse worker examining AV equipment affected by the supply chain.

The Supply Chain Explained and Demystified, Part 2

Exploring the many facets of supply-chain snarls and suggesting proactive steps for AV integrators.

Just Add Power 749KVM transmitter

Just Add Power’s New Transmitters to Solve Supply Chain Issues

Just Add Power’s new 718KVM/749KVM Transmitters can be upgraded in the field to enable full AVP functionality once chips are available.

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The Supply Chain Explained and Demystified, Part 1

A primer on what ‘supply chain’ actually means, how we’ve become vulnerable and how we can do better moving forward.