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A One-Of-A-Kind Digital Solution for Iconic Pizza Hut

Premier Mounts enabling digital signage with the help of integrator partner Embed Digital.

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At last year’s Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, Premier Mounts team members Shaun O’Brien and Dale Crowe showcased the creative custom solutions the company could deliver. The impressive demonstration caught the eye of Mike Sisco, CEO of Embed Digital.

Embed Digital specializes in forming immersive media experiences through content creation and hardware installation. When Mr. Sisco saw exactly what the Premier Mounts team could do, he knew he had found the perfect collaborator for an upcoming project.

“We’ve built our company based on strategic partnerships with the best companies in the industry,” Mr. Sisco said. “By having strong partnerships with global companies, we are able to design and implement some of the best value-based solutions for just about any business type.”

Mr. Sisco revealed that Embed Digital had a relationship with one of the nation’s largest Pizza Hut franchises. With over 15,000 restaurants in countries around the planet, Pizza Hut is synonymous with pizza itself. For their San Bernardino, California location, the franchise owners sought to integrate video screens in a way that had never been attempted. Together with Embed Digital and Premier Mounts, the three industry leaders would embark on a mission to create a one-of-a-kind digital wonderland.

Digital Signage Vision

The Pizza Hut franchise owners imagined a lively sports bar concept that served pizza, wings, happy hour drinks, and gameday coverage of sporting events. In addition to a wall-to-wall digital panorama, they envisioned a unique, ceiling suspended triple triangle video hub with an array of 75” video screens at the top and 65” video screens on the bottom. But the configuration challenged physics itself; by hanging that much weight the center of gravity would cause the pole and screens to lean back at the bottom, leading to unattractive results.

Premier Mounts got involved early on during the initial stages of the project to offer expertise and support for a smooth and efficient process. Premier Mounts engineers worked closely with Embed Digital to design the layout of the installation, and to decide which stock products could be used in the formation of the show-stopping video hub. But to realize Pizza Hut’s daring vision, an innovative custom solution was required that only Premier Mounts could provide.


To complete the triangular video installation, Premier Mounts relied on the sleek SYM-IB- 28B,36B and 130B Symmetry bars of various lengths to accommodate different display sizes, along with the budget-friendly SYM-DB-TB symmetry tilt brackets to mitigate costs. Also, the powerful SYM-PA allowed several displays to be suspended from the ceiling, while wall mounts including the P4263T and P4263TP were used throughout the dining area for individual displays mounted in landscape or portrait configurations, along with the AM175 where articulation was needed.

“It was a great solution and amazing price point,” says Sisco.

For the menu boards, the cost effective UMB mount was implemented. The UMB menu board flat panel display brackets are a “no assembly required” system where, out of the box, brackets that hang on the panels we’re attached directly to commercially available unistrut channel. This technology, along with less components, enabled a fast, hassle-free installation process.

In addition to the stock products, Premier Mounts engineers created a custom solution that included three drop pipes used with the Symmetry bars. These were cut to a specific length so that displays could be stacked (small display on the bottom with a big display on top) and then installed in a triple triangle, bringing Pizza Hut’s artistic vision to life.

“Not many people work with custom,” explains Sisco. “And there are times you really need a custom product.”

When changes and additional hardware need to be figured out for the triangle mount, Premier Mounts was nimble and able to change orders and deliverables. Local to Southern California, Premier Mounts could be right there during the project.

When changes and additional hardware need to be figured out for the triangle mount, Premier Mounts was nimble and able to change orders and deliverables. Local to Southern California, Premier Mounts could be right there during the project.

Relying on a mixture of genius, creativity and trust, Premier Mounts and Embed Digital quickly delivered an affordable, scalable, and imaginative digital marvel to one of the largest pizza franchises in the country. The brilliant and dynamic screens captivate restaurant guests with sports entertainment, promotional messaging, and menu items.

The secure mounting solution offers easy access for maintenance, increasing efficiency in-use for restaurant operators. In the end, the collaboration on the digital menu board and sports bar concept exceeded all expectations and proved to be an unequivocal success – so much so that Samsung is putting together a white paper on this project.

“I’ve been in A/V and digital signage since 2002, and have been through a lot of vendors,” reflects Sisco. “These days, it is hard to find a partner who does it all quickly, for the right price. This is a good partnership. Even with last minute changes, the Premier Mounts rep would jump in the car. It was a reasonable, pleasant experience in general. This was our first project; I’m happy with the outcome.”

As a loyal partner capable of providing superior and cost-effective results, we look forward to working with Embed Digital to bring digital signage to more Pizza Hut restaurants and other renowned brands all across the world.

For more information about our digital signage mounting solutions or ability to create custom solutions, contact us today.

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