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Adam Forziati

Adam Forziati is senior web editor for Commercial Integrator and MyTechDecisions.

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Scouting Young AV Talent? Look to the Christie Design Award-Winners

Christie Design Award winners are talented multimedia professionals…and they’re going to need jobs when they graduate (hint hint).

performing financial stress tests, Business Continuity, NSCA Committees, Electronics Systems Outlook, audio visual integration revenue

NSCA Has Ideas for How to Keep Audio Visual Integration Revenue Flowing

A few tips for continued audio visual integration revenue, courtesy of the National Systems Contractors Association’s integrator members.

tunable lighting tech, hospital environments

Study of Dementia Patients Suggests Tunable Lighting Tech is Important to Recovery in Hospital Environments

Tunable lighting temp and intensity were measured to have positive impacts on sleep and wellness in a Calif. nursing home.

Adam's Latest Posts

Unified Communications market, Facebook Portal video chat

Is Facebook Moving In on the Unified Communications Market with Portal Video Chat?

The Unified Communications market could be a future target of Facebook’s newly-updated Portal video chat hardware… if it takes off in the consumer market.

audio visual products

I’m Calling Out Manufacturers to Package Audio Visual Products Less Wastefully (With Integrators’ Help!)

We challenge audio visual products manufacturers to encourage integrators to provide them with ideas on reducing packaging waste.

esports stadiums

Even Small Towns Are Building eSports Stadiums Now: Are You Ready for the Influx?

eSports stadiums are beginning to crop up in small towns because of their return on investment, especially among young people.

AV installers, audio visual installers

The Most Frustrating Things AV Installers Hear from Clients

What are audio visual installers sick and tired of hearing from clients? Plenty… but mostly, it’s about money and how to do their jobs.

AV install jobs

Has Nature Ever Sat on Your AV Install Jobs Like This Kookaburra?

Have you seen anything like this bird spinning on a light? Or something a bit more serious? Share your experience with nature on the AV install job with us.

video game security

What You Can Learn from Excellent Video Game Security Practices

What can you learn from video game security? As it turns out, quite a lot, since the video game industry is among the most secure in technology today.

rentable solar panels

Rentable Solar Panels Are Pretty Cheap Now, Should You Use Them?

These Tesla rentable solar panels are fairly inexpensive. Is it time for AV businesses to start thinking about if they could benefit?

5G network security

If the U.S. Government is Hesitant About 5G Network Security, Should Integrators Be Nervous, Too?

5G network security is a concern right now with the U.S. government surrounding the infrastructure products made by Huawei. Should integrators worry?

residential tech, CEDIA 2019 highlights

Residential Tech That You Should Know: CEDIA 2019 Highlights and Products

These CEDIA 2019 highlights and products have some crossover appeal: they’re good examples of “residential tech” that also has a place in commercial.

VR Is Being Designed for an Aging Population Because It Can Help Them

VR designed to help the elderly will certainly be a boon in a world where there will soon be more baby boomers than children.

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