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Adam Forziati is senior web editor for Commercial Integrator and MyTechDecisions.

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Scouting Young AV Talent? Look to the Christie Design Award-Winners

Christie Design Award winners are talented multimedia professionals…and they’re going to need jobs when they graduate (hint hint).

performing financial stress tests, Business Continuity, NSCA Committees, Electronics Systems Outlook, audio visual integration revenue

NSCA Has Ideas for How to Keep Audio Visual Integration Revenue Flowing

A few tips for continued audio visual integration revenue, courtesy of the National Systems Contractors Association’s integrator members.

tunable lighting tech, hospital environments

Study of Dementia Patients Suggests Tunable Lighting Tech is Important to Recovery in Hospital Environments

Tunable lighting temp and intensity were measured to have positive impacts on sleep and wellness in a Calif. nursing home.

Adam's Latest Posts

AV installers

Scary AV Installer Stories from the Field

AV installers from various parts of the industry share their scariest stories from the field – thankfully, everyone made it out of theirs alive!

audio visual jobs, AV jobs

Audio Visual Jobs of the Week October 15: Sales Specialist, Access Control Tech, & More

Looking for work in Pro AV? Check out the latest listings for audio visual jobs: Sales Specialist, Access Control Tech, & more.

electric vehicle range, Bosch chips

Skeptical of Electric Vehicles? Bosch is Making Chips Which Will Extend Electric Vehicle Range

A Bosch semiconductor chip made out of silicon carbide brings a 6% increase to electric vehicle range. Will this ever be viable for commercial fleets?

stop deepfake videos

You Can’t Stop Deepfake Videos with AI, Apparently

The technology used to stop deepfake videos has to combine technical, AI-based detection with human-powered means, says one deep dive report.

WSD protocol

Hackers Are Targeting Networked Devices Via the WSD Protocol

Familiarize yourself with the WSD protocol, because it is allowing networked devices to be hacked with denial of service attacks.

Installing Networked AV Systems

Talking To IT Directors About the Networked AV Systems You Sell Them: 3 Tips

Networked AV systems are often difficult for integrators to pitch to IT departments. Here are a few ways to overcome that challenge.

Pro AV industry

What Do You Wish You Knew When You First Started in the Pro AV Industry?

What do you wish you knew when you first started in the pro AV industry? Help out Commercial Integrator’s newbie and let us know in the comments.

mall technology, location-based entertainment

The Future of Mall Technology is All About Location-Based Entertainment

Location-based entertainment should be the mantra for installers doing mall technology jobs. What does that really mean? It all comes down to “experience.”

audio visual market craft brewing

Let’s All Drink to Craft Brewing Establishments Becoming the Next Audio Visual Market

Looking for more small- to mid-sized jobs to fill in the gaps? Perhaps craft breweries should be taken seriously as a serious audio visual market.

Almo E4, Yamaha UC, E4 Experience, Almo E4 AV Tour

Almo E4 AV Experience: 3 Important Takeaways

There are many reasons to go to the Almo E4 Experience show in one of many stops across the country. Here are a few important lessons learned this year.

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