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Adam Forziati

Adam Forziati is senior web editor for Commercial Integrator and MyTechDecisions.

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Boston Facial Recognition Ban, Amazon Facial Recognition, Rekognition

City of Boston is No Longer Allowed to Use Facial Recognition Systems

The Boston facial recognition ban is due to evidence that the technology is inaccurate when it comes to identifying people of color.

workplace design

What Integrators Need to Know About the Future of Workplace Design

What will workplace design look like as businesses start to reopen after coronavirus? These designers have advice for AV integrators.

socially conscious integration business

Now is the Time for Your Integration Business to Become Socially Conscious

There are many benefits to introducing socially conscious practices at your integration business: job satisfaction, but also long term customer relevance.

Adam's Latest Posts

video game security

What You Can Learn from Excellent Video Game Security Practices

What can you learn from video game security? As it turns out, quite a lot, since the video game industry is among the most secure in technology today.

rentable solar panels

Rentable Solar Panels Are Pretty Cheap Now, Should You Use Them?

These Tesla rentable solar panels are fairly inexpensive. Is it time for AV businesses to start thinking about if they could benefit?

5G network security

If the U.S. Government is Hesitant About 5G Network Security, Should Integrators Be Nervous, Too?

5G network security is a concern right now with the U.S. government surrounding the infrastructure products made by Huawei. Should integrators worry?

residential tech, CEDIA 2019 highlights

Residential Tech That You Should Know: CEDIA 2019 Highlights and Products

These CEDIA 2019 highlights and products have some crossover appeal: they’re good examples of “residential tech” that also has a place in commercial.

VR Is Being Designed for an Aging Population Because It Can Help Them

VR designed to help the elderly will certainly be a boon in a world where there will soon be more baby boomers than children.

audio visual jobs, AV jobs

Audio Visual Jobs of the Week September 16: CCTV Surveillance Tech, Senior Tech, Control4 Programmer & More

Looking for work in Pro AV? Check out the latest listings for audio visual jobs: CCTV Surveillance Tech, Senior Tech, Control4 Programmer & more.

deepfake video detection

Facebook and Microsoft Taking Deepfake Video Detection Seriously with New Program

Deepfake video detection is more necessary now than ever, with Facebook & Microsoft sinking cash into sussing them out. Are you sure what you watch is real?

Unihertz Titan, rugged smartphone

The Perfect Rugged Smartphone for AV Installers On-The-Job?

The Unihertz Titan is a good example of tech that would suit an AV installer: this rugged smart phone is dust proof, drop proof, and more.

pro AV podcast

Our 5 Favorite Moments from Pro AV Podcast, AV+

We take a tour through some of our favorite moments of AV+, our pro AV podcast, to give those who aren’t subscribed yet a reason to.

Trump tech tariffs, Amazon prices

AV Manufacturers Aren’t the Only Ones to Raise Prices Because of the Tariffs…Amazon May Also Have To

Amazon prices may go up as a result of the continuing Trump tech tariffs on Chinese goods. But is the AV industry really upset by that?

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