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InfoComm 2017, AV industry, end users

Tech at InfoComm: Dumbed-Down for End Users or Bright Future for Industry?

George Tucker explains why many InfoComm 2017 attendees were not AV industry experts, and wonders if end users will control manufacturing more than ever.

Cisco, InfoComm 2017

Behemoth Manufacturers and End Users Take Over InfoComm 2017

A large percentage of InfoComm 2017 attendees were technical managers and end users. George Tucker dives into what this means for the industry.

Lights Out: How Integrators are Missing Opportunities in the Lighting Sector

With Commercial Integrator’s industry report showing that installers have little interest in offering lighting, the industry is leaving money on the table and allowing another industry to gain market share in the lighting sector.

George's Latest Posts

InfoComm: The Great Leviathan of Our Time

A poetic rendering of InfoComm 2015, now that the metaphorical dust has settled.>

Industry Oracle Predicts Big Analytics, Little Data

InfoComm’s annual tradeshow is somewhat of a crystal ball, predicting the future of the AV and IT industries. >

Look Inside Digital Signage’s Velvet Revolution at InfoComm 2015

Trends at InfoComm 2015 show why scoffing at digital signage is increasingly shortsighted. >

Conspiracy of Complicity: An InfoComm 2015 Pep Talk

Beware of snake oil and pseudo solutions. Embrace manufacturers and products that truly solve clients’ problems.>

Business Lessons from ‘The Wrecking Crew’ Documentary

From training to incentives and public acknowledgement, are you giving thanks to your Wrecking Crew—the unsung heroes behind this industry?

Style, Aesthetics at ISE 2015 Inspire Integrators Across the Pond

Are North American audio, video, and IT integrators as open to the marriage of beauty and efficiency as our European colleagues?

Could Unified Collaboration Benefit from Euro-Product Design Approach?

It became increasingly clear at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2015 that there’s a space to be filled in unified communications on this side of the pond.

What We Can Learn from the European Interpretation of Tripleplay

Front and center at ISE 2015, is the solution for video on demand (VOD) and distribution of television, hospitality and digital signage over simple IP networks.

Of Donuts and Diodes: How Radio Shack Lost its Way

Although Radio Shack was once a mecca for the tech community, foolish demands of investors and alienation of its core customer base contributed to the chain’s eventual bankruptcy.

Virtue of the Ugly: When AV Mirrors Rock n’ Roll

It’s time for AV integrators to follow in the footsteps of great rock n’ roll musicians… and aim for more than just aesthetics.