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InfoComm 2017, AV industry, end users

Tech at InfoComm: Dumbed-Down for End Users or Bright Future for Industry?

George Tucker explains why many InfoComm 2017 attendees were not AV industry experts, and wonders if end users will control manufacturing more than ever.

Cisco, InfoComm 2017

Behemoth Manufacturers and End Users Take Over InfoComm 2017

A large percentage of InfoComm 2017 attendees were technical managers and end users. George Tucker dives into what this means for the industry.

Lights Out: How Integrators are Missing Opportunities in the Lighting Sector

With Commercial Integrator’s industry report showing that installers have little interest in offering lighting, the industry is leaving money on the table and allowing another industry to gain market share in the lighting sector.

George's Latest Posts

Beyond the Biodome: BIoT to Uproot Commercial Automation

When the Building Internet of Things (BIoT) becomes ubiquitous, commercial integrators will have to adapt.

Challenge to Integrators: Find Your Telemachus

You might not know that in Homer’s Odyssey, Mentor is Telemachus’ teacher. But if you know a lot about the AV integration industry, you should mentor somebody.

George Feldstein: In a World of Pure Imagination

Passionate inventor and visionary George Feldstein passes away 45 years after launching commercial- and home-automation leader Crestron Electronics.

Novelty’s Limitations: A Eulogy For Older Technologies

Are we too quick to disregard or replace older technologies? We may be able to learn something from taking a good look at the lessons of the past.

How GDP Shrinkage Affects an Integrator Like Me

What might have caused the shrinking GDP… and can you use it to your advantage?

Installs Gone Bad: Delegate, Trust, Verify

By taking responsibility for mistakes and mismanagement, you can turn around a bad install to a positive.

InfoComm 2014: Of Entrails and Talisman

A deeper look at InfoComm, its attendees, and what’s ahead for the commercial integration industry.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate: What Does It Have to Do With InfoComm?

InfoComm is generically placed in the box of commercial integration, but should it be?

InfoComm 2014, I Shiver With Antici…Pation!

Products and demos at last year’s InfoComm show have been called ‘more evolutionary than revolutionary.’ What trends can you expect to see at this year’s show?

Why this Industry is So Resistant to Change: The ‘Selfish Gene’

What is it about the integration business model that might make us wary of change, and what can we do about it?