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Jonathan Blackwood

Jonathan Blackwood

Jonathan Blackwood is the Editorial Director of Commercial Integrator and TechDecisions. Jonathan writes about technologies that help to innovate and improve practices for technology integration companies of all sizes. He is especially interested in the business side of integration, as well as future technology opportunities. Follow him @BlackwoodTweets.

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Lessons on Corporate Community from Microsoft Strategies

Microsoft employs 144,000 workers and still finds a way to focus on culture and community. What can your business learn from their strategies?

UCLA Facial Recognition

American Airlines Now Using Facial Recognition at Boarding Gate

American Airlines has begun a pilot program for using facial recognition technology at the boarding gate to allow passengers through to security. An opportunity for integrators?

Walmart Sues Tesla After Roof Fires from Solar Panel Flaws

After experiencing seven roof fires as an alleged result of flaws in Tesla solar panels, Walmart is now suing the company for negligent installation.

Jonathan's Latest Posts

digital signage technology trends, video walls

The State of Video Walls and Digital Signage Technology Trends

We surveyed integrators to learn more about the state of, and opportunities in, video wall and digital signage technology trends for integration firms.

Tom LeBlanc, Commercial Integrator Cover Family resized

Why We’re Choosing to Gate Commercial Integrator

Commercial Integrator has decided to gate the site, but that doesn’t mean paying for news or selling your data. Here is why we made the decision.

DGI Communications, VR room design platform

DGI Communications Brings Print and VR Room Design into AV Integration

Since purchasing DGI, Mike Walsh and Dave Meneely have found synergy with the print division & launched a partnership with a VR room design platform.

How They Got There, Anne Sellers, Sensory Technologies

How They Got There: Anne Sellers, Diversified

Anne Sellers on how she grew from an economics major to the managing principal of Sensory Technologies (Diversified)—pivoting all along the way.

We Hired an Integrator to Outfit OUR New Office: Here’s How it Went

How we approached implementing technology into our new office (after all, with a name like Commercial Integrator, we had to nail it).

AV Globalization, Integrated Systems Europe attendance, Integrated Systems Europe, ISE 2019, Signal Management, AV installer tools, audio visual software, ISE

Why AV Integrators Travel to ISE Every Year

We asked a handful of North American integrators planning to travel overseas to Integrated Systems Europe 2020 why it’s important to make the trip to ISE.

How They Got There: Mike Abernathy, National Systems Contractors Association

Mike Abernathy was going to be a high school social studies teacher. Now he’s director of business resources for National Systems Contractors Association.

Tom LeBlanc, Commercial Integrator Cover Family resized

The State of Commercial Integrator in 2020

We’ve already told you about the State of Pro AV. So in the interest of transparency, here is the state of US, Commercial Integrator website & magazine.

AV IT convergence

With AV and IT Converged, There’s Enough Work for Everybody

We’re past the days of wondering when AV and IT convergence would happen. Now, we’re focusing on how to help them work together to meet client needs.

pro AV distributor market labor

A Closer Look at the Pro AV Distributor and Labor Markets

Recent Commercial Integrator survey got insight about the value integrators are getting from their pro AV distributors and labor forces.

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