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Jonathan Blackwood

Jonathan Blackwood

Jonathan Blackwood is the former Editorial Director of Commercial Integrator and TechDecisions. Jonathan writes about technologies that help to innovate and improve practices for technology integration companies of all sizes. He is especially interested in the business side of integration, as well as future technology opportunities.

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state of the pro AV industry 2021

Next Year’s State of the Industry Should Be: Evolution

I recently had a discussion with Steve Grace and Collin Hogan of AVH Technology Partners, a consulting firm that graced the November 2012 cover of Commercial Integrator, when the company was called AV Helpdesk. We discussed the company’s experience during the last year, handling the COVID-19 pandemic, navigating the emergency loan program created by the federal government, dealing with […]

VIP Peer-to-Peer Networking Groups, Total Tech Summit

The True Value of Total Tech Summit 2020

The greatest benefit of Total Tech Summit each year is the networking available, and how that helps integrators grow throughout the year. This year, despite COVID-19, we’re bringing that networking back in a unique way.

The New Age of the Workplace After COVID-19

We’re currently engaged in the largest work-from-home experiment in history. It was thrust upon us, but I’m willing to wager the result will be positive.

Jonathan's Latest Posts

Understanding the Network and Needs of IT

As the IT department becomes the point of contact for integrators, understanding their needs and how they view tech will lead to success.

Editorial Director, Commercial Integrator

The Endless Potential of Integration

Thank you to the integration industry, which showed me a new world of possibility and helped me grow as a professional and a person.

Almo Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Almo Corporation celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. Here’s how they grew from a radio company into a billion-dollar powerhouse.

Audiotech and Ownership’s Role in Diversity

Raymond Rooks is the owner of Audiotech, a resimercial integration firm he founded when he was unable to break the glass ceiling with his previous employment.

Law & Technology

Current Legislation Integrators Need to Know About

While there is little legislation that deals with integration directly, plenty of new laws and regulations can have significant impact on how integrators do business.

The State of Distance Learning Technology in 2021

We surveyed our audience and spoke with experts in higher education & K-12 technology implementation to provide insights to integrators.

ArtMedia Corp and Diversity in the AV Industry

Eugene Ababio and Giovanni Agramonte of ArtMedia Corp explain their paths to the AV industry and how they think diversity can best be fostered in any organization.

Digital Signage & Video Wall Technology Opportunities in 2021

We look at the past and future of digital signage and video wall technology to understand the state of these systems today.

AVH Technology Partners, integration firm

How AVH Technology Partners Used the Pandemic to Evolve

AVH Technology Partners, formerly AV Helpdesk, used down time during the pandemic to survey customers, refine processes, & rebrand.

AV integration marketing tips

Marketing Matters and Integrators Should Take Note

How much thought have you given to your AV integration firm’s marketing efforts? Total Tech Summit session highlights the importance.