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Jonathan Blackwood

Jonathan Blackwood

Jonathan Blackwood is the Editorial Director of Commercial Integrator and TechDecisions. Jonathan writes about technologies that help to innovate and improve practices for technology integration companies of all sizes. He is especially interested in the business side of integration, as well as future technology opportunities. Follow him @BlackwoodTweets.

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The True Value of Total Tech Summit 2020

The greatest benefit of Total Tech Summit each year is the networking available, and how that helps integrators grow throughout the year. This year, despite COVID-19, we’re bringing that networking back in a unique way.

The New Age of the Workplace After COVID-19

We’re currently engaged in the largest work-from-home experiment in history. It was thrust upon us, but I’m willing to wager the result will be positive.

Lessons on Corporate Community from Microsoft Strategies

Microsoft employs 144,000 workers and still finds a way to focus on culture and community. What can your business learn from their strategies?

Jonathan's Latest Posts

Tom LeBlanc, Commercial Integrator Cover Family resized

The State of Commercial Integrator in 2020

We’ve already told you about the State of Pro AV. So in the interest of transparency, here is the state of US, Commercial Integrator website & magazine.

AV IT convergence

With AV and IT Converged, There’s Enough Work for Everybody

We’re past the days of wondering when AV and IT convergence would happen. Now, we’re focusing on how to help them work together to meet client needs.

pro AV distributor market labor

A Closer Look at the Pro AV Distributor and Labor Markets

Recent Commercial Integrator survey got insight about the value integrators are getting from their pro AV distributors and labor forces.

Total Tech Summit 2019, CI Summit, TTS2019

Total Tech Summit 2019: 2 Takeaways for Every AV Business

Two key takeaways from a Commercial Integrator session at Total Tech Summit 2019 focused on selling services & communicating better with IT directors.

architects, audio video system projects

Working with Architects on New Building Audio Video System Projects

Audio video system projects are drops in the bucket of what architects need to consider for new buildings. Here’s how installers can take full advantage.

AV as a Service, managed AV services

12 Takeaways from the AV as a Service Panel at Total Tech Summit 2019

Here are 12 managed AV service takeaways from industry experts that every integration company should be thinking long and hard about.

AV over IP solutions, AV over IP, AV tools, InfoComm 2018, AV software

How Cisco and the NSCA Saved the AV Industry

Legislation almost made pulling PoE cable impossible without an electrician’s license – until Cisco & the NSCA stepped in.

School Technology Manager

Inside the Mind of a School’s Technology Manager: He Reveals What it’s Like to Deal with Integrators

An school technology manager took an entire presentation to answer questions on how integrators could better work with end users. Here’s what he said.

collaboration technology

The State of Selling Collaboration Technology in 2020

Collaboration technology is booming while plug-and-play products are becoming well-known. Here is the state of selling collaboration tech.

JMU X-Labs

JMU X-Labs Connects Education and Technology as Integrators Should

If integrators can understand new education concepts, such as those at JMU X-Labs, they know what K-12 and Higher Ed institutions actually need.

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