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Optoma, Optoma ISE 2018, Integrated Systems Europe, Visual Display Technology

Optoma at ISE 2018: Projector Company Announces Booth Theme for Integrated Systems Europe

Optoma ISE 2018 plans include announcing a new visual display technology, growth in the leisure and hospitality product categories and more.

Scotch Whisky Experience, Epson projectors

Epson Projectors Enhance the Scotch Whisky Experience with 180 Degrees of Coverage

Epson projectors, including short-throws, immerse Scotch-loving guests in the history of this enigmatic whisky in the new Scotch Whisky Experience.

virtual reality cinema, IMAX VR Experience, VR Experience Center

Europe’s First IMAX VR Experience Center Puts Moviegoers INSIDE their Favorite Franchise

The latest IMAX VR Experience Center in Manchester, England defines virtual reality cinema by putting customers into their favorite media franchises.

Community Loudspeakers, IKEA Customers

IKEA Customers Wander (and Shop) More Thanks to Music Pumped from Community Loudspeakers

IKEA customers are kept informed and, more importantly for the brand, kept wandering with pleasant background music, thanks to Community Loudspeakers.

VR, virtual reality experiences, Activity Superstore VR

Activity Superstore Uses Virtual Reality Experiences to Earn Customers

Activity Superstore VR puts would-be customers in the shoes of someone who pays for their services with first-person virtual reality experiences.

Marlowe Theatre, digital signage software, Marlowe Theater, Signagelive

British Theater Completely Overhauls Digital Signage Software with Signagelive

Signagelive digital signage software abounds inside the Marlowe Theatre, where the integrator made signs easier to manage.

Renkus-Heinz, IC Live

‘Most Acoustically Calibrated’ Venue in West Georgia Uses Renkus-Heinz IC Live Platform

Three Renkus-Heinz IC215S-FR dual 15in subwoofers and other IC Live arrays deck out this large venue in Carroll County, Georgia.


Hilton to Leverage Internet of Things in Some of its 825,000 Hotel Rooms

Hilton aims to leverage the Internet of Things and bring smart technology to some of its 825,000 hotel rooms in 103 countries.

Martin Audio, Big Ben

Martin Audio Offers Solution to Keep Big Ben Chiming

Big Ben, the famous London clock tower, may not chime for a while until repairs are completed. But Martin Audio wants to help keep the famous “Bong” alive.

Atlético de Madrid, Tripleplay, Madrid's new stadium, Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, Atletico Madrid,

Atlético de Madrid’s New Wanda Metropolitano Stadium Alight with Tripleplay Signage

Atletico Madrid’s new stadium, Wanda Metropolitano, features hundreds of Tripleplay screens, 500 of them equipped with an interactive IPTV portal.