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Disney, Star Wars Hotel, IllumiRoom, Projection Mapping

Disney Could Start Using Projection Mapping at Star Wars Hotel

Disney could be prepping to use projection mapping & IllumiRoom inside of its Star Wars Hotel rooms, offering guests a more ‘immersive’ experience.

virtual reality, VR, 3D, IMAX

IMAX Leaving 3D Behind in Favor of Virtual Reality

As IMAX theaters drop 3D technology in favor of 2D and virtual reality, the future of 3D in the consumer or commercial industries remains cloudy.

Wicker Man roller coaster, ProLights, AlphaPIX video system, LED display

Wicker Man Rollercoaster Uses REAL Fire (and ProLights AlphaPIX) to Thrill Riders

Towering over Staffordshire theme park: a wooden rollercoaster dubbed Wicker Man, featuring real fire, an LED display, and ProLights AlphaPix video system.

Bowers & Wilkins speakers, Bowers and Wilkins speakers, Abbey Road Studios, Abbey Road Studios B&W speakers

Bowers & Wilkins Speakers the Official Partner of Legendary Abbey Road Studios

Bowers & Wilkins speakers and headphones are the new norm at Abbey Road Studios — where some of the most famous bands have recorded.

Yamaha live sound, Preston Guild Hall, Yamaha processors

Yamaha Live Sound Systems Bring the Sound Back to Preston Guild Hall — Just in Time

The Preston Guild Hall was once doomed for demolition. But new owners cleaned it up and used Yamaha live sound products to bring sound back to the space.

World's Smartest Cities, smart city technology

How London’s Smart City Technology Earned It a Spot in the ‘World’s Smartest Cities’ List

London’s eagerness to improve efficiency with IoT and other smart city technology earned it a top spot on the World’s Smartest Cities list.

BenQ ISE 2018, Google Jamboard

BenQ ISE 2018 Plans Include Google Jamboard Demo, New Projectors

BenQ ISE 2018 plans will see the company show off some new BlueCore laser projectors, new displays, and a demo of the Google Jamboard.

Optoma, Optoma ISE 2018, Integrated Systems Europe, Visual Display Technology

Optoma at ISE 2018: Projector Company Announces Booth Theme for Integrated Systems Europe

Optoma ISE 2018 plans include announcing a new visual display technology, growth in the leisure and hospitality product categories and more.

Scotch Whisky Experience, Epson projectors

Epson Projectors Enhance the Scotch Whisky Experience with 180 Degrees of Coverage

Epson projectors, including short-throws, immerse Scotch-loving guests in the history of this enigmatic whisky in the new Scotch Whisky Experience.

virtual reality cinema, IMAX VR Experience, VR Experience Center

Europe’s First IMAX VR Experience Center Puts Moviegoers INSIDE their Favorite Franchise

The latest IMAX VR Experience Center in Manchester, England defines virtual reality cinema by putting customers into their favorite media franchises.