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ISC West

Reed Exhibitions Postpones ISC West Until July Over Coronavirus Concerns

Rising concerns over coronavirus outbreaks led postponement of ISC West, with Reed highlighting need to ‘prioritize health and safety of everyone involved.’

ADT, P1, Protection 1

ADT Remakes Commercial Division with Help From P1 Integrators

A group of executives from integration companies acquired by Protection 1 play central role in helping ADT become a leading national accounts provider.

ATI Insight: How to Attract Tech Talent to a Nearly Invisible Industry

Rob Simopoulos, president of systems integrator Advance Technology Inc. (ATI) shares his insights, advice and regrets about finding and keeping top-notch, tech-savvy employees.

Back in Session: First-of-Its-Kind Security Degree Program Continues to Make Progress

In honor of ISC West happening this week in Las Vegas, we’re spreading the news about this SIA-inspired pilot program that covers business classes, liberal arts, lab work and industry-specific coursework toward a two-year degree.

Eagle Eye Networks Survey Finds Wide Acceptance of Security Cameras on School Campuses

The study focuses on community attitudes concerning the use of video surveillance systems at schools and universities. The company also launches a $1 million cloud security grant program for schools.

Remote Video Projects to Become a Leading Monitoring Service

Technology advances, customer demand, and vast marketing efforts are expanding monitored video surveillance services opportunities for security integrators.

ADT Expands Into Commercial Security Market

Non-compete pact between ADT and Tyco Integrated Security expires, creating space for ADT to move into the commercial market.

Access Control Predictions for the Year Ahead

Technological advances and open standards will expand the market for access control as integrators contend with evolving market dynamics.

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