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Steve Greenblatt

Steve Greenblatt is founder and president of Control Concepts.

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Core Values, AV business

The Value and Importance of Core Values for Your AV Business

If you make it clear to your employees what you stand for—and what you don’t, that will come across in everything you do and your customers will see it too.

COVID-19 Silver Linings, upside

Finding Silver Linings in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Control Concepts’ Steve Greenblatt points to an increase in kindness, simpliciity & importance of AV as good outcomes in the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak.

business automation technologies, business automation systems, automation building technology, automation technology, business automation

Everything You Need to Know About Business Automation Technology in 5 Headings

Business automation technology is not to be taken lightly — consider these factors before employing a comprehensive AV system for your client.

Steve's Latest Posts

Effective Communication for Sales and Success

In his third NSCA BLC blogpost, Steve Greenblatt discusses the importance of communicating with your team, listening to customer feedback, and embracing social media.

How to Create a Magnetic Corporate Culture: Strong, Positive and Attractive

Does your company culture attract new employees who want to be a part of the environment and contribute to the effort?

If Your Team is Your Product, Build It with Quality

Steve Greenblatt, CTS and President of Control Concepts, Inc., highlights an important lesson from the NSCA Business and Leadership Conference.

Hey Industry: ‘We’re All in this Together’

Frank conversations about business challenges mark this attendee’s 2014 NSCA BLC experience.

Quick Tips for Programming Control Systems

The basics of how to program a reliable control system that will meet your clients’ functionality expectations.>