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Exploring the State of AV Standards

There are myriad ways to cobble together technology systems, and pros and cons when considering proprietary and non-proprietary protocols. Integrators’ customers — and their IT department — stand to benefit.

3 Ways the Industry Can Improve in 2017

Better network training, stronger system security and increased tradeshow attendance can help industry professionals gain the knowledge they need to make 2017 a great year for business.

Why the Kramer, iRule Deal Is a BIG Deal for Control

Control has become a significant aspect of the AV industry. What’s telling about the Kramer/iRule deal is that Kramer has not only gotten into control full force, but has done so quite uniquely.

Tim's Latest Posts

Why Integrators Need to Educate Lawmakers on AV and IT

Do you have government lobbyists? No? Then listen up. It’s time you start talking to local representatives about Net Neutrality, programming and trading overseas.

Is OLED Making a Comeback?

LG and Panasonic announce investments in OLED panels, begging the question: is OLED back?

Prepare for the Pizza Hut Projector

That’s right. The fast food chain has introduced a pizza box-shaped disposable projector that utilizes technology the user already has — a smartphone.>

Are We Facing an App Revolution?

When it comes to powering displays, it’s all about apps, according to Tim Albright in a recent episode of AVWeek. >

When Green AV is Matter of Life or Death

South Korean shutdown of LG OLED display production begs the question of green AV in a recent AV Nation podcasts

3 Key Lessons to Take Home from NSCA BLC

This year’s NSCA Business & Leadership Conference taught attendees to create an environment where employees have the ability to work smarter, better and more focused.

Run a Tight Ship: What a Former Navy Captain Taught BLC

Former U.S. Navy Captain Michael Abrashoff comes to NSCA’s Business & Leadership Conference, inspires attendees to be better leaders of their own ships back home.

8 No-Cost Ways to Influence People

Executive coach and speaker at NSCA Business and Leadership Conference explores resources you can give your employees that won’t cost you a dime out of your pocket.

Overheard at CI Summit: Wireless Video, Net Neutrality & More

AV professionals got together to talk market trends, technology, and business practices at last week’s CI Summit in Orlando, Fl.

What I Personally Learned at InfoComm’s AV Executive Conference

AV Nation founder and automation programmer shares clear business lessons learned during InfoComm’s second annual gathering of C-level AV executives.