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Exploring the State of AV Standards

There are myriad ways to cobble together technology systems, and pros and cons when considering proprietary and non-proprietary protocols. Integrators’ customers — and their IT department — stand to benefit.

3 Ways the Industry Can Improve in 2017

Better network training, stronger system security and increased tradeshow attendance can help industry professionals gain the knowledge they need to make 2017 a great year for business.

Why the Kramer, iRule Deal Is a BIG Deal for Control

Control has become a significant aspect of the AV industry. What’s telling about the Kramer/iRule deal is that Kramer has not only gotten into control full force, but has done so quite uniquely.

Tim's Latest Posts

Should You Be Worried About the Hidden ‘Backdoor’ in AMX Control Products?

In short, no. The backdoor in AMX’s control processor should not allow secret tapping into corporate meetings or large-scale hijacking. But it will give you an opportunity to demonstrate your value to clients.

How to Sell Class Capture Technology at College Campuses in 3 Easy Steps

Class capture is a great way to collect students to education and broaden the reach of college campuses. Here’s how to convince the faculty to sign on.

Why Integrators Need to Worry About Network Security (And How to Protect Yourself)

Integrators may be held liable for installing a device onto a faulty or non-secure network if it is hacked. Here’s how to protect yourself and your clients from a security breach.

How to Meet Growing Customer Demand for Video Without the Headache

How clients across all verticals use, manage and distribute copious video provides big opportunities for integrators equipped to solve their challenges.

Why 40 Under 40 Lists Matter to the CI Industry

Lists like Commercial Integrator’s 40 CI Influencers Under 40 point to those individuals who should connect with industry veterans.

3 Reasons Cisco is Poised to Purchase a Control Company

Here’s a prediction for 2016. As CTOs and CIOs get used to controlling their environment with mobile devices, they will begin asking Cisco systems to do more.

3 Keys to Success in the Art of Subcontracting

Subcontract labor is a vital component to the industry that allows integrators to expand and contract based upon their work load. Here are three things to remember when hiring your next sub.

The Social Media Strategy Anyone Can Get Behind

Connecting with peers and clients on social media doesn’t have to cost you too much time or money. Sometimes it’s as simple as saying hi.

Labuskes Addresses Members About Bright Future

InfoComm to focus on members, workforce development and putting the finishing touches on its 2016 strategic plan.

The Glory of Everyone Making Everything

Are companies diversifying well or are they losing focus? Is there an opportunity for integrators amidst all this diversification?