Emerging Video Trends That May Surprise You at This Year’s InfoComm

Published: 2016-05-16

AVB (Audio Video Bridging) is a hot topic of discussion in the AV industry, but it seems that discussions have mostly focused on the audio portion of AVB. So, how is the “V” being addressed in AVB?

There have been some trade show vaporware solutions pop up from time to time, but the real thing has never materialized the way it has been advertised.

Stay tuned for June. I have word that at this year’s InfoComm there will be at least three manufacturers demonstrating products that will ship this year that utilize the AVB standard for transporting video. One of them you will not see coming.

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There are a number of shifts in video over the network. Last year, AMX announced its purchase of SVSi at the show. This puts AMX into the networked video more so than ever.

Don’t mention DX Link please; if you ever see DX Link again it will likely be in the vaults of AMX’s Richardson, Texas, facilities alongside a Panja touchpanel.

So we have a “V” in AVB product and AMX getting into its own with a fully integrated SVSi suite. What else in the world of video?

Oh yeah, two other “audio only” companies are getting into video. There have been significant staffing changes at these audio companies in the past 18-24 months that may have gone unnoticed — they have moved from significant video, control or consulting roles into these companies.

Trust me. It’s going to be huge and a great new competition will unfold in Vegas.

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