Listen Audio Releases DIFFUSE Signature Acoustic Diffusion Panels

Listen Audio Systems DIFFUSE Signature acoustic diffusion panels serves as modular solution to a variety of audio concerns in a variety of spaces.

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Listen Audio Releases DIFFUSE Signature Acoustic Diffusion Panels

Listen Audio Systems released a line of acoustic diffusion panels.

Listen Audio Systems recently released its DIFFUSE Signature acoustic diffusion panels, which the company says serve as “the platform of the innovative DIFFUSE Acoustic Array System.”

“DIFFUSE Signature is a wide-bandwidth acoustical treatment with a beautifully crafted architectural aesthetic,” according to a Listen Audio Systems press release.

“The wide-bandwidth nature of the product is the result of a four-year research project aimed at developing a scattering/diffusion device, which appropriately scatters sound within an impossibly low profile: narrower than one inch.

“The system is designed as a suite of acoustical products in which all the components are complementary. If high-frequency diffusion is needed, it can be added. When there is a need for absorption, it can be added,” according to the company announcement.

Here’s more about Listen Audio Systems DIFFUSE Signature acoustic diffusion panels:

“Consummate to the modularity of the system, the number theory sequence that scatters sound can be scaled to the size of the project.  Rather than repeating the same acoustic sequence over the span of the array, the sequence can be changed so that the bandwidth becomes wider as the array increases in size.  Similarly, as the array shrinks with a smaller room, the sequence can be decreased to appropriately diffuse sound within a small space.

“The DIFFUSE System is the result of understanding the problems that exist within a listening space,” said Listen Audio president Ryan Winberg. “We researched at how engineers and musicians gather feedback from their environment and engineered our way backward to a product that appropriately addresses these acoustic phenomena.”

DIFFUSE Signature not only addresses acoustical problems within the built space, but architectural as well, said Winberg.

“Acoustic treatments should be a seamless feature in any room,” he said. “DIFFUSE encapsulates this vision of aesthetic purity.”

Available in a variety of sizes and finishes, DIFFUSE Signature will elevate the level of sophistication within the listening space and provide uniformity to the sound field while maintaining the energy from the original signal. DIFFUSE is crafted entirely in the U.S.A. with the finest materials and processes. Listen Audio’s investment in process ensures rigid quality standards, short lead times, and competitive costs.

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