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Almo’s Sound Options Audio Sourcing/Engineering Group Continues to Grow

From corporate meeting rooms to bars and restaurants, Almo Professional A/V is your destination for everything audio. Find out more at E4 in Nashville.

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Earlier this year, Almo Professional A/V made some noise with the introduction of Sound Options, its dedicated audio sourcing and technical engineering group. From mics, speakers, DSPs, mixers and specialty applications, Sound Options offers all the favorite product brands while providing the audio-specific sales, technical and engineering expertise needed to complete a smart and successful AV installation — all through a single resource.

Sound Options is exhibiting during the Almo E4 AV Tour in Nashville on Oct. 25 and 26.

Check out a recent CI article about Sound Options Almo’s audio expertise.

Recently, two new audio partners have joined the Sound Options program and are readily available through Almo:

TOA Electronics: An audio-centric company with a mission to supply high-quality equipment for first-class sound. Focuses on voice alarm systems, intercom system, speakers, live sound, and wireless and conference systems to create acoustic sound fields to make lives safer and more pleasant.

Audio Technica: Designs and manufactures professional microphones, headphones, phonographic magnetic cartridges for their bestselling turntable, and other audio equipment.

Some of the other featured brands available through Sound Options include Revolution Acoustics, Tascam, BSS, Kramer, AMX, Atlas, Phoenix, Taiden, DBX, JBL, Crown, Ashly Audio, Beyerdynamic, Biamp and more. Sound Options audio categories are comprised of amplifiers, assistive listening, conferencing, control, DSP, recording/playback/streaming, microphones, mixers, speakers, simultaneous interpretation and unified collaboration.

Almo is offering a free webinar on Nov. 8 on house of worship array mics. Check here to register for Almo Pro A/V audio webinars.

Almo is offering several audio combination promotions, including:

Phoenix Audio: Complete system package including microphone, speakers and Phoenix’s 4 channel auto mixer, the stringray, for the small- to medium-sized conference room. Contact your Almo Rep for more information.

Biamp ClickShare and Biamp Devio — The Perfect Room Combo: With this powerful duo, integrators can offer one-touch connectivity in unified communication environments. Learn about our special demo program — no questions, no risk, no restocking fees!

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