BeyerDynamic’s InfoComm 2018 Booth Highlights Affordable Phonum SpeakerPhone and Fox Microphones

The Beyerdynamic InfoComm 2018 booth displayed Phonum Bluetooth speakers, which help users on the go to improve AV presentations in meeting rooms.

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The Beyerdynamic Phonum – a bluetooth speaker that the company says users in prosumer, consumer AND pro markets can easily employ – was one of several speaker products on display at the BeyerDynamic InfoComm 2018 booth.

The Phonum is designed as a portable sound solution that business travelers can use in tandem with their phones, computers or tablets to improve the audio quality of their presentations stored on their devices.

Internally, the Phonum incorporates three capsules in its microphone array and its built-in voice compass technologies are designed to capture all spoken dialog while eliminating background noise.

Its audio playback capabilities employ a downward firing transducer that radiates sound in a 360-degree dispersion pattern. In addition, the $379 Phonum offers easy-to-use control options and USB connectivity for those that prefer wired connections.

More from marketing manager Larry Drago at the BeyerDynamic InfoComm 2018 booth:

“We are launching the Phonum, which is a wireless Bluetooth speaker phone. It is good for any on-the-go meetings, [it is] good for the busy professional.

“It has up to 15 hours of battery life, and it is good for hospitals, universities, corporate boardrooms—anywhere where there is a meeting or huddle space—[and] you can easily set it up. It is wireless, Bluetooth, compact; no plugs are necessary.”

Beyerdynamic also featured its Fox Professional USB Studio Microphone at the annual tradeshow. The product can be used for any number of applications, including podcasting, music creation and other creative activities.

Beyerdynamic specifies its latest USB mic as a 24-bit/96kHz studio-grade solution that delivers accurate signal conversion via its large-diaphragm condenser capsule. The Fox microphone features a headphone output with zero latency monitoring and a mute button.

A built-in gain switch enables users in audio creation, music production scenarios to mic loud instruments without overloading the microphone.

The BeyerDynamic Phonum speaker will be available later this summer. Learn more here.