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Bose Helping Coronavirus Frontline Workers Through Sound Sanctuary Giveaway

Bose will give 30 health care workers helping patients dealing with the coronavirus a pair of noise-canceling headphones or a Bluetooth speaker.

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Whether it’s to blow off a little steam, chase away the memories of a bad day, keep the good vibes going or distract you while you’re trying to stay in shape, music has a way of being there whenever you need it.

Bose is putting the power of music—or podcasts or whatever else they need—into the hands of frontline workers through the Sound Sanctuary program, inviting those who care about them to share the stories of those helping others through the pandemic.

“For many years, Bose has been donating products to help those who are in need,” says the company announcement. “Sometimes, it’s an individual who reaches out to tell us how they feel a Bose product could empower them in their healing process.

“Other times we’ll hear from someone who wants to use a Bose product to help a friend or family member cope,” according to the Bose announcement.

“Occasionally, the individuals who received our products would follow up to share how Bose sound impacted their lives. And it was from those stories, from those honest recollections, that the Sound Sanctuary program was born,” the announcement says.

“It was a simple realization, really. Products are engineered, but stories aren’t. Truth just happens. It’s real life, real needs and a real opportunity to make a difference. And we want to do it more,” says the Bose announcement.

Inside Bose Sound Sanctuary Initiative

Each month, 30 people who share submissions through the Bose Sound Sanctuary portal will receive new Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, Bose Hearphones or a SoundLink Revolve+ Bluetooth speaker.

“We are so grateful to those who are on the frontlines battling COVID-19, doing everything they can to help our families, our friends, our neighbors, and our coworkers,” says the Bose announcement.

“We sincerely believe our audio products can provide them with some peace and quiet between shifts, or clearer communication with their staff, or even a little comfort for their patients during their recovery,” the announcement says.

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