NovaStar C1 Console Pairs with N9 Switcher for Stage Control

NovaStar C1 console paired with N9 switcher and splicer means ‘maximum functionality with minimal hassle’ for live sound stage managers.

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NovaStar C1 Console Pairs with N9 Switcher for Stage Control

NovaStar has the perfect duo for integrators and live sound stage engineers who are looking to launch the next big thing.

The NovaStar C1 console, when paired with the N9 switcher and splicer, provides “total stage control from input to output,” according to a recent company announcement. 

“This solution was designed with ease of use in mind, streamlining the process to allow you to put on an amazing show.”

Here’s more information about how the NovaStar C1 console and N9 switcher and splicer can create an environment of total stage control:

The NovaStar C1 has a dual-LCD touchscreen design and touchscreens mean simple operation. The left screen allows monitoring and the right screen allows touch control.

The NovaStar C1 features an integrated aviation-style T-Bar, which is important for the rental stage market.

The customer can choose from many special effects, including more than 10 transition effects. It also supports 1024 levels of fade in/fade out.

The console also features nine channels of all-digital input sources, including two 4K source inputs and eight redundant outputs (four main and four backup).

Support for seven layers + OSD + BKG + Logo allows for a wide variety of layouts. The 7 layers can be in any location and supports 32 user presets.

MVR Output allows users to monitor the information for all nine inputs, including resolution and refresh rate in real time. Users can also view PVW PGM and OSD together all on one LCD monitor.

This simplifies setup by reducing equipment, allowing for a secure and stable experience.

The integrated scaling algorithm developed by NovaStar pays more attention to detail than standard scalers. This will make sure that the image is still sharp after scaling. Users can expect an output of 4K X 2K @60hz.

Earlier this year, NovaStar announced the MCTRL 4K, a controller that fully supports Real 4K and HDR10, according to the NovaStar press release. It supports resolution up to 4K x 2K @60Hz, and a maximum width up to 8K.