QSC Designer Asset Manager Allows Integrators to Easily Download Any Q-SYS Asset

The cloud-based QSC Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager allows integrators to easily download new Q-SYS assets, including plugins for third-party control devices.

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QSC Designer Asset Manager Allows Integrators to Easily Download Any Q-SYS Asset

The new QSC Q SYS Designer Asset Manager includes plugins for third-party device control.

The new QSC Designer Asset Manager is a cloud-based solution that allows integrators to easily download Q-SYS assets.

QSC says that its latest product supports plugins for third-party device control without having to wait for new QSC Q-SYS Designer Software releases.

“One of the key strengths of the Q-SYS Platform is the ability to integrate nearly any IP-based third-party device via its open API with custom scripting and plugins,” notes Greg Mattson, product manager, installed systems, QSC.

“The SYS programmers, to contribute to a growing Q-SYS asset library and ultimately expedite the delivery of these resources to system designers and administrators.”

According to the Costa Mesa, Calif.-based company, the Asset Manager features plugins for some of the industry’s most used elements from top brands that include Microsoft, Global Cache, Attero Tech, Atlona, Clock Audio, Visionary Solutions, and others.

QSC points out that each plugin includes a detailed description, along with links to relevant product pages, images, and access to previous versions of the asset to support any system revisions.

QSC Q-SYS Asset Manager Complements Designer

The Designer Asset Manager helps integrators to streamline their software choices. Q-SYS Designer Software is a DSP that helps integrators create designs for QSC’s Integrated System Platform.

The company adds that it developed its Q-SYS Designer Software to be easy to use through a simple design to enable users to quickly design comprehensive audio systems.

Key Designer Software attributes include:

  • One Software for all System Sizes: Software is a single application that integrators can use for any size project.
  • Emulation Mode: The software tool’s emulation mode enables users to build system without utilizing hardware.
  • User Control Interfaces: With the software integrators can design custom buttons, and perform activities such as importing graphics, and build controls for touchscreen interface devices.

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