Meet the Bogen C4000 IP-Based Commercial Paging and Audio Distribution System

Announced ahead of InfoComm 2018, software-centric Bogen C4000 IP-Based Commercial Paging and Audio Distribution System leverages Nyquist technology platform.

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Meet the Bogen C4000 IP-Based Commercial Paging and Audio Distribution System

Bogen C4000 IP-Based Commercial Paging and Audio Distribution System

Last year Bogen Communications debuted its education-focused E7000 system at InfoComm 2017.

This year it didn’t wait for InfoComm 2018 to announce its software-centric Bogen C4000 IP-Based Commercial Paging and Audio Distribution System which leverages the company’s Nyquist technology platform.

Of course, Bogen Communications will be conducting live demonstrations of the Nyquist C4000 system at its InfoComm 2018 booth # C1162.

Both the E7000 and C4000 leverage Bogen’s Nyquist software platform that the company says provides users with unparalleled flexibility and scalability in whatever their application.

The C4000 system addresses the unique communication needs of a variety of users: industrial facilities, transportation hubs, retailers, offices, restaurants, and bars — anywhere easy and effective communication and audio distribution are required.

More on the Bogen C4000 from the press release:

The heart of the C4000 solution is a robust, state-of-the-art system controller with an easy to use web-based graphical user interface (GUI) that is accessible through any PC, tablet, or mobile device from any location in the connected world.

The solution features a built-in, streaming Internet radio service, airable by Tune In. Business users can also access commercially licensed, customizable music stations from SoundMachine, the premier music subscription service for business.

Both services are perfect for a wide variety of background music applications. SoundMachine gives large and small retailers, restaurants, bars, or any other company looking to enhance their customer experience the ability to craft a seamless, engaging, and on-brand music experience.

Bogen C4000 features:

Available feature-rich IP phones and purpose-built networked appliances provide convenient communication, control, and interoperability with third-party devices and systems such as access control, fire alarm, clock, and PBX systems.

Available networked appliances include seven new audio power amplifiers, ranging from 1-channel x 20 Watts to 4-channel x 300 Watts, as well as a 4-channel matrix mixer/pre-amp. A versatile new 10 Watt plenum-rated intercom module with optional HDMI video output allows users to turn any speaker into an IP speaker for even greater site design flexibility.

The C4000 solution is extremely easy to install and use. Its web-based GUI allows people with a broad spectrum of technical proficiency to use the system. The C4000 solution can be scaled to support multiple, geographically dispersed facilities, encompassing a virtually unlimited number of commercial paging and audio zones.

Talkback capability is available for any areas requiring two-way communications. The solution can be easily upgraded with new features over time to address ever-changing customer environments and technology.

“The E7000 IP-based school intercom/commercial paging system we introduced last year has been a big success. Dealers and end users have been delighted with the system’s scalability, ease of use, web-based accessibility, and design flexibility,” says Bogen’s product manager Ken Venuti.

“We believe that commercial users will value the same attributes that our Nyquist platform brings to this new C4000 solution. The built-in SoundMachine customizable music offering, which is facilitated through airable’s API, is the best streaming service for commercial settings we’ve seen, and we are excited that they chose Bogen as a partner.”

Bogen expects the C4000 system will start shipping to commercial contractors and distributors in the third quarter of the year, after InfoComm 2018.