DiGiCo Acquires KLANG Technologies

DiGiCo has acquired KLANG Technologies. Looking ahead, the new family of brands in the Audiotonix family expects products to complement engineer workflow.

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DiGiCo Acquires KLANG Technologies

DiGiCo has acquired KLANG Technologies, and follow the acquisition, the companies see synergies between brands.

DiGiCo has announced the acquisition of KLANG Technologies as a key new addition to the Audiotonix family, which already includes the audio brands Allen & Heath, Calrec, DiGiGrid, Solid State Logic and DiGiCo.

James Gordon, CEO of Audiotonix, says his company is looking forward to opportunity to work with the other brands, including DiGiCo.

“We have had the pleasure of working with KLANG and their pioneering immersive technology for a couple of years, and when the opportunity arose for them to join Audiotonix, we were keen to make it happen.

“We have always stressed that with our M&A [mergers and acquisitions]  we would look at each brand’s requirement and help support them with their aspirations,” comments Gordon.

“On that basis, KLANG will become a key part of DiGiCo’s future, as they combine forces to improve the listening world of artists and monitor engineers alike. It is about to sound a lot more natural, with the arrival of I-IEM [Immersive In-Ear Monitoring].”

What to Expect from KLANG, DiGiCo & Audiotonix Going Forward

Austin Freshwater, general manager of DiGiCo, notes that it has been communicating with KLANG for an extended duration and during these discussions the companies discovered they shared similar philosophies. 

Freshwater says the acquisition will foster an improved working environment for audio engineers through the similarities the brands share.

“We have been working in the background with KLANG for some months on increasing our level of integration. Over that time, it was clear the ethos of the development teams was similar, with a lot of shared common goals.

“Combining the control of the KLANG system into the DiGiCo worksurface will allow I-IEM and 3D personal monitoring to be a part of an engineer’s natural work flow, and that’s just the beginning for us and the KLANG team. We are keen to meet all their existing supporters and help more potential users understand the difference a KLANG system can make.”

Roman Scharrer, CEO of KLANG,  says the collective experience of the newly formed family of brands will help each company move forward in a competitive marketplace.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for the team at KLANG Technologies. Having the wealth of industry knowledge and relationships that only the DiGiCo team have at our disposal is really going to allow us to demonstrate the benefits of our technology to those we feel will benefit the most from our groundbreaking development work,” adds Scharrer.

“Being part of the Audiotonix family will allow our R&D [research and development] team to bring more of our ideas to life. We can already anticipate that 2019 is going to be a busy year for us and we will continue to excite our users with innovative and sustainable solutions.”